Tiny Knitted Ray

(wife has an app that did this…So cool, heh).

Got a video done showing how to do it. Plus, I put time jumps so no one has to listen to be ramble on, heh. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zzwqjmdkNd4

Well, that’s kind of cute.

Been thinking about how I do the double sided knitting within a single sided knit, and using it to knit a little ray popped in my head.

it works, and it’s kind of cute, :grinning:

cast on four stitches.

  1. K1 kfb2 K1
  2. kfb ( K1 S1 wyif )2 kfb
  3. kfb K1 ( K1 S1 wyif )2 K1 kfb
  4. kfb K2 ( K1 S1 wyif )2 K2 kfb
  5. kfb K3 ( K1 S1 wyif )2 K3 kfb
  6. kfb K4 ( K1 S1 wyif )2 K4 kfb
  7. kfb K5 ( K1 S1 wyif )2 K5 kfb
  8. K7 ( K1 S1 wyif )2 K7
  9. K3tog K4 ( K1 S1 wyif )2 K4 K3tog
  10. K2tog K3 ( K1 S1 wyif )2 K3 K2tog
  11. K2tog K2 ( K1 S1 wyif )2 K2 K2tog
  12. K3tog ( K1 S1 wyif )2 K3tog

i’ll have to rethink the next parts.

  1. K1 K2togtb K2tog K1
  2. K2togtb K2tog
    i-cord knit the two stitches to the length of the tail you want.

(actually, I’ll want to redo from row 12…)

  1. K2tog K1( K1 S1 wyif )2 K1 K2tog
  2. K3togtb S1 wyif (and here is where I got lost) :thinking:

Final change for tonight.

  1. K2tog K1( K1 S1 wyif )2 K1 K2tog
  2. K2tog K1 pass first stitch over last stitch. S1 wyif K1 S1 wyif K2tog
  3. S1 K2togtb pass first stitch over last stitch. K2tog

knit i-cord for length of tail you want.


SOOO cute!


Ok! the head looks nicer like this.

cast on four stitches

  1. K1 ( turn needle under the cast on row and knit one, turn needle back to front S1 wyif )2 K1

(I’ll try and get some pictures of this)

Also, I got a better tail, but boy is it a trick. :no_mouth:

When 6 stitches remain: Prepare for i-cord by (leaving the tail alone on row 1)

  1. S2 S1 onto backside of needle S1 slip last stitch from left needle, return the first stitch of right needle onto left needle. S2
  2. K2togtb2 K2tog
  3. I-cord knit around
  4. i-cord K2tog K1
    i-cord knit to length.

Heh, like I said, it’s a bit of a trick. (and no doubt I made a mistake somewhere in that mess, :rofl:)


Super cute!! Thanks for sharing!

Aw, what a cute little group! They look great in that undersea background.

Those are cute!!

Congrats! This outstanding :star2: project is featured this week! :tada:

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These are adorable!
And they can be altered to be facehuggers at Halloween!

Adorable! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Now that is a tiny tiny wittle ray. Heh!

And the three sizes I have done all together.