Tiny knitted winter sweater

Yeah, it’s knitted, but I’d still call it art at this point. I used this pattern as a starting point and took some artistic license with the rest:

The dark blue yarn is impossibly soft baby alpacka that was left over from the fashion industry and dyed by awesome indie dyer Tant Kofta (tantkofta.se). The teal is also dyed by her and is mulberry silk. They are both leftovers from a shawl so the yarn is quite thin. I used a 2 mm circular knitting needle and the magic loop method. Since the yarn is thin the fabric didn’t turn out too dense and I’d looooove to be tiny enough to wear it.

Luckily I had some knitting help to ensure I didn’t knit too fast and tire myself out. :laughing:

I drafted up a chart for bead placement and ended up knitting the body of the sweater slightly longer than in the pattern. The beads are knitted in on both sides of the sweater.

Naturally it needed blocking after weaving in all ends and sewing up the openings under the arms. So I did a tiny version of my regular finishing treatment. First it got a bath in the good wool soak.

Roll up in small towel to get excess water out…

And pinned it to my tiniest blocking mat. The pins are not really needed for a sweater, but for something this small it’s not a bad idea to anchor it to something.

Even tiny items of fashion should be wrapped up in pretty paper for delivery. The smallest sticker I could find was one I found too pretty to use as a kid so it seemed right for the project. I wanted to use the good supplies and the good stash for this.

This was a very satisfying project for the first Lettucecraft edition of the One Tiny Thing swap.



It is not easy doing miniature knitting. I did some years go using pins for needles and a strand of floss for yarn. Fortunately I didn’t need to do a whole sweater!

You did great!


That is amazing!!!


So tiny! That is amazing.

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So teeny! Wish I could touch the yarn; it sounds luscious.

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It’s so soft :heart:

I find tiny knits to be some of the most frustrating projects I’ve ever done. I just made a chapstick cozy for my friend and had to frog it about seven times before I finally got it right. This looks perfect! :yarn: :blue_heart:

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My first try was an epic fail :laughing: I used mismatched double pointed needles and one of them was really too blunt to work properly with the yarn. Plus metal needles with this yarn was slippery enough that I managed to drop one of the needles out of the work when I was finally out of the awkward start up phase. I was so happy when I found circular needle the right size. I like dpns, but I should get rid of the ones I used. Not functional at all!

I ended up using another pattern too since the first one I found didn’t give the result I had hoped for.

I am dying over you blocking this wee sweater!!!


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I have a tiny sweater collection from swaps done on the other site.


I love tiny things, and this is adorable!!!

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Congrats! Your Tiny Knitted Winter Sweater is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!


Yay :grin:

Love it!
Definitely going to check out that link too.

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WOW! Such a cute sweater, even it was human sized. Amazing that it’s so wee.

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Wow! That’s impressive!

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Your beading on the tiny sweater took it over the top!

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Thank you! It needed some sparkle, and it’s pretty fun to do. I use a kind of toothfloss to slide the bead over the stitch before working it normally.