Tiny Lemon Pot

I posted somewhere on the site a while back about doing a hand-building clay learnshop at a pottery venue with GeekyBookworm. That inspired me to make the same thing small scale with model magic (which I’ve been playing with a lot to use with my students).

Fast forward a bit, and I used the same concept for my Lemon pot for my L item in the recent LC grab bag swap. (Funny, lots of us made lemon items this go!)

It’s not very big…about the right size to hold some rings.

Here’s some photos in various views. It is painted with acrylic paint.

Thanks for looking.


Ring dishes are very useful little things, good idea! I like the sunny yellow color, too, perfect for a summertime swap.


Pictures just don’t do it justice, i can’t wait to put a votive in it, the plan is it will be called the lemon drop, it its lit up it means students may stop at my desk and visit/request help/drop stuff off, if the light is off it means the desk is closed so i can private conference/support a kiddo without others interfering or eavesdropping.


What a great use for it! I love yellow and lemon-themed items (think I made a lemon magnet in the last round!), so this really appeals to me. So cheery!


I love that it will have such an important job! And I love that @Lynx is also a teacher so feels like it’s kismet.

What a happy little lemon craft to be so useful in its life. :yellow_heart::lemon::yellow_heart::lemon::yellow_heart:

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Very cute and I love how it will be used!

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Cute dish, and a great idea for using it!

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Your lemon and leaves shapes are very nice. It’s interesting how you placed them onto your bowl. I love the yellow interior too. It’s like the sun is waiting to shine on you from the inside. When I was in jr high art class in the 70s, I made a pinch pot. I painted the outside green and the inside a bright yellow!

Perfect ring dish! We’ve got one at every sink, very handy little things. That bright lemony yellow is an eye-catcher too, you’re not likely to forget to put a ring back on!