Tiny Prayer Flag Ornament

I made this little prayer flag for @curiousfae in the ongoing ornament swap. I love birds and cardinals are a favorite, we have a pair that joins us each summer to raise their young and sing to me while I work. Maybe he will sing for you!



This is such a great idea for an ornament. It’s beautiful.

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OMG, I love it!! Yes! Prayer flags make perfect ornaments! Why did I never think of this before?! Love.


I was thinking the same thing…mini prayer flag swap!!! A bunch would sure make the best bunting!

I love cardinals as well…


When I saw the headline, I pictured swags of colorful bunting crisscrossing the tree. Hmmmm

Lovely cardinal. One used to demand her share of the fish food pellets each day at the pond.

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This is so pretty! I miss cardinals. We don’t have them in the Pacific Northwest.

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We did one once on the old site, but they were smaller than the standard (5 x 8) and bigger (4 x 6) than this little one. I didn’t measure, maybe @curiousfae will measure for us. I like the idea of bunting.

As you can see I copied my own design. :grin:


Such a special gorgeous ornament. You have such a talent for this.

The cardinal is so pretty!

I love both the concept and the actual ornament! This is beautiful!

So cute and seasonally chic!

Congratulations, your Tiny Prayer Flag Ornament is a featured project for this week!

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Thank you! That’s cool.

Cardinals remind me of my Nana. She loved them. The ornament is beautifully done.

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I love it. I’ve been seeing cardinals everywhere lately.

it’s mine! so pretty. i love all the paper piecing. it’s the perfect size and style for a Christmas ornament. inspiring!

That’s wonderful. Cardinals are such cheery, lovely creatures. It’s always a thrill to see that flash of crimson in the yard, I love them.

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We had like 8 male cardinals hanging out in our wintery backyard on Christmas! Every time I look at this prayer flag, I get so happy! marionberries sure did a great job!

I just saw a girl and a boy cardinal outside my window yesterday. They are so pretty against a snowy backdrop. I love this project.

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