Tiny Seaside painting

I wanted to do some painting since I have been trapped here at home. We went to the beach right before lockdown and I am really wishing to go back there. I had fun making this and it was a great way to get back into painting.


that is a great return to painting, I’d like to go there as well :slight_smile:

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What a lovely painting, and I love how it really does look like waves lapping up on the beach. (Only beaches I’m seeing these days are in Animal Crossing, so this was a nice reminder of REAL beaches!)

Cool that you are taking up painting again. Thanks for posting!

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Welcome! I really like this. It is so serene.

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Welcome! It’s lovely

I’m missing the beach too!! I need my blue space. :blue_heart:

I miss the beach too.
What will you do with your painting?

Right now I have in on the bookshelf in our bedroom. I quite like it there.

Such beautiful light and colour in this!

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