Tips on great places to get embossing folders

I am very likely (finally) going to get a Sixxix Big Shot for embossing. I am looking for links and tips on where to find embossing folders. I’ve looked on the Sixxix site, amazon, and ebay of course, but I bet you guys know of some great sites that have good assortments or maybe have periodic sales?

Also, I just wanted to confirm - you can use any brand of embossing folder, correct?


I don’t buy them online, so I can’t direct you. For a while, you could find a lot of great deals on embossing folders at Tuesday Morning, but it seems like they don’t have as many any more.

I’m also not totally sure if you can use all brands of embossing folders interchangeably. So far, I have never had any trouble with running different brands of embossing folders through my Vintaj BigKick.

You can pretty much any embossing folder with a Sizzix Bigshot, but you may have to play around with your “sandwich” and platform layers to get a good result. JoAnn can have a pretty decent selection that often go on sale or can be purchased with a coupon. Scrapbook . com has frequent sales, often by brand name, which often can include embossing folders. A Cherry On Top has sales and also a points program and still has free shipping after a certain dollar amount - they aren’t always the quickest, but no real complaints. I imagine that some of the Amazon or Wish sources are just fine and you can probably get bundles that way. I have seen a few listings for big bundles of used sizzix supplies occasionally on FB Marketplace and Craigslist, too.

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