Title length

Just wanting to know why our titles have to be 10 or more characters?

I wanted to have my latest finished project called “Maker” but was told that wasn’t long enough. I don’t see a need for there to be anything else … it’s already in the quilting finished projects so I shouldn’t have to say it’s a mini quilt or wall quilt.

I had the same issue yesterday when posting another project.


I don’t really pay attention to what category a project is in when I am scrolling through on my phone or tablet…a more descriptive title means more to me in a “snapshot”…

I found out about the title length as well in one of my posts…it gave me pause as to what information readers would hone in on quickly…

If someone from the outside was reading, “Maker” might not make a lot of sense. I would have put “Maker–an art quilt”…because it was lovely and well done!


Scrolling through Latest Posts mode on my phone, it definitely wasn’t obvious it was a quilt from title or image. Succinct but descriptive titles help keep posts findable as the site grows.
Consider how many pages of results one would have to go through on The Old Site if the words searched with were “maker” and “quilt”. If they just put the word “maker” in the search, it would probably be an impossible list to search. (There are strategies using Advanced Search on most sites to help narrow it down, but most people don’t use those.)
When titling a post, assume that in the world of metadata, website linking, and all the various moving parts under the hood of the forum, things you post may get disconnected from the category/tag and image(s) assigned to them.


Exactly what AIMR and Calluna said. It may not be obvious to others what the project is just by the picture, especially on smaller devices. Using a more descriptive title will help when searching for projects.

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As devices and technology changes, so must the use of language…it is often difficult to think in terms of emojis, acronyms, abbreviations, tags, etc. That is another reason I love this community…it is helping me adapt and see the world from a different perspective…My staff appreciate that I know their lingo and see why they do some of the things they do on our website…I learned it here!

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Great, thanks everyone! I get it now :smiley:

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