TM Patch Swap- Winter 2022- Gallery

Oooh! So pretty. The flower buttons perfectly complement the felt leaf. I love how everyone has their own interpretation of these patches. Each person has their own way of stitching, finishing off corners, and layering on embellishments.


Yay for finally being able to post photos
I received 3 amazing patches for @MightyMitochondria
A super cute skull one, that is waiting for me to rehang everything after painting in my office, and 2 adorable cat ones, because I’m a crazy cat lady that are going on my patch hoodie that I am working on. She also sent me the cutest halloween stickers because its always spooky season in my house.

This was such an amazing fist swap back and now I can’t wait to do more.


Love the kitties!

@MightyMitochondria - the cat patch you made is so freaking cute!! I love all the shapes and body positions!

I received from @roler

This sweet alien really brings the 80s vibes to me for some reason. Maybe it’s the bright colors? or the peaceful face, but I just love it. This little one would also be a great fit in with M0nster$ Inc. It seems as if she must use some type of tapestry yarn to whip stitch around? I always use floss, so I’m interested in different alternatives.

The scattered stars are just that extra ooomph, amiright?

And a robot!!! whhhaaa??? aliens and robots vie for first place to me. look at all the layers and textures and the way she uses other materials like buttons and beads to make it so much more dimensional. The orange running stitch up the front is my favorite because it’s the extra bit.

@roler, you are always such a great swapping buddy. Thank you for making for me!

Happy making, everyone!



That robot is AMAZING!


YES! That robot is awesome!


I have also received from both @marionberries and @JoyfulClover ! Both of them really delivered!! <3

First, here’s the whole package from marionberries:

She actually sent me THREE patches… because the little giraffe’s “head kept popping up!” XD This is SUCH a fun and whimsical design and I’m super excited to experiment with positioning for these patches; I can put as many other patches as I like in between them to streeetch that neck!! The quote on the other patch, “Books are a uniquely portable magic,” is also so fun and true! These patches are very me, marionberries! Thanks a bunch!

Next are the patches from JoyfulClover, who went with my “anthropomorphic animals” theme. Look at these dapper cuties!!

Both the bunny and the cat are so fashionably dressed, and the style reminds me of pen drawings from old children’s books! I love them both so much! Also, I don’t think JoyfulClover had any way of knowing this, but I love figs, and both of these patches have fig fabric! XD

I’m also really impressed by both of my partners’ embroidery skills. You two are amazing! Thanks so much for being my partners!!


So glad you like them! The robot is one of my favorites I’ve made in a long time; I had so much fun just making up all the details as I went along!

Oh, and I use craft cord for the edges.

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What amazing embroidery on all of those patches! I am in awe! @marionberries and @JoyfulClover, did you find those incredible patterns somewhere, or did you make them yourselves?


@endymion I created my own. The giraffe was easy, found a pic online, traced and stitched it down by machine and then embroidered the edges. The quote was drawn onto water-soluble fabric, stitched and then dissolved away. Makes you look like a superstar.

And @roler, we get you! I am glad you love them. My fav is the giraffe, they just needed more room!


@marionberries - THAT GIRAFFE IS AMAZEBALLS!!! I adore how you broke it up! Super clever. and I should not be at all surprised you found a fresh take.

@endymion - Yes, I used a pattern as well. They’re from Sublime Stitching (by Ryan Berkley). I did remove the extra poinsettia from the cat head, because I should have used one less thread, and it was getting too jammed.

I did NOT know this, but guess wot?? I love figs, too! And when I saw them, I just grabbed them to make for me and you! What a happy circumstance! Oh, and thank you for the link - I have craft cord! and now I need to use it!


I am so absolutely delighted that you are pleased with your patches!! I had so much fun making them, even if life got a bit hard and distracting there for a while.

And now, look at the gorgeous pieces @endymion made for me!!

Purple and green are my two favorite colors, and we’re our wedding colors, as well. I love the textures and directionality of this one; the patchwork pieces add great dimension. :two_hearts:

Next, look at the adorable crocheted hydrangea flower! :cherry_blossom: It’s one of my favorite flowers, and it reminds me of my time in Japan. He stitches are all so tiny and perfect!

And finally, a brilliant patch representing the Japanese Tanabata (Star) Festival, which includes tying wish tags to special tree branches, and celebrates two “stars” as lovers who meet in the sky only once a year. I love how she actually included individual sparkly tags hanging from the stitched branches. The whole thing has so much movement, and she used Star backing fabric and quilted the patterns! That is so clever I must remember it and do it someday myself. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am absolutely in love with everything I received, including the lovely letter I forgot to photograph (oops, I’m at work on break right now…). Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness and creativity and excellent choices inspired by my list! And thank you to @craftADDchick for hosting this awesome swap! :cherry_blossom::tada:


@endymion your tanabata tree is teally beautiful. Such movement and color. Lovely!


Yummy patches, that hydrangea is amazing, wait, they all are amazing! The details and embroidery are very special.


I love this swap so much! You all made such amazing and thoughtful patches! And, while I hadn’t planned on actually swapping this round and haven’t made any patches in a while, making a pair of patches reminded me how much I enjoy making them.

Maybe I can organize a summer round, if people are interested!


I receive from @craftADDchick and it is true, good things come to those who wait. She had life to deal with and as far as I’m concerned, life first, treats in the mail second. And chocolate for all

Just look at these incredible patches! Rainbow and sparkly goodness, and a tender sweet fiddlehead. The stitching is so fun and she blended floss to just the right tones on the fern. Check out her individual posts!

Thank you.


Oh, that fiddlehead. :heart_eyes:


@craftADDchick i am agog! That fiddleleaf! Swoon!

And of course ‘joy’. Always joy. I really like how you used negative space. And that center stone is perfect! A reflection of us all.

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Love the rainbow stitching, and the fiddlehead is very cool also!