TM Patch Swap- Winter 2022- Gallery


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Who will be first to post? Hmmm…

Well… I guess it’s me… so… Who will be second to post? And will lovely patches be included? Time will tell.

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You’re out of control.


I received from @endymion and they are everything I love about TM patches

I listed weather as a wish topic, and the first she made is


I have run my fingers over the top of this all afternoon. She interspersed couching techniques (the long swirls) with the running kantha stitches. Love.

And her second selection


there are SO many layers. there is the green land mass on the blue water - does the shape look familiar? and then the swirling layers of roving, netting, couching and stitching. This is the hurricane. Around the outside is a relatively thicker material stamped with little hurricane warning shapes. if you’re not familiar, meteorologists use these to show the eye of the storm and direction it’s spinning.

it’s such a fantastic piece.

and then, she included a pocket on the back of the patch, with a very personal, tiny storybook

It’s very small and very personal. I love these little patches so very much. Thank you, @endymion for making them so deep. I will not be able to look at them without thinking of your words and will be able to keep the little book with the patch.

Sending happy vibes to all,


Oh my goodness! You better lock those up so I don’t come and steal them! They are fantastic, and I love the attention to detail.


Ha! Right! I really love to see how everyone is able to express a theme or prompt in fabric, floss, and fiber.


Yay! I received some wonderful patches from @JoyfulClover today! They are for my kitchen theme. I’m trying to make a window valence or wall hanging for my kitchen.

I love the vintage feel of them, as well as the cheerful yellow backgrounds and stitching. Yellow is my favorite! The black and white prints on the reverse are great choices, too. Really rets off the black stitch work.
The stitching itself is so well done. Tiny little stitches!
I love them both! Thanks so much!!!


Wow! They arrived fast!

I know they are not as sentimental as yours, but I’m a vegetarian and I loved stitching loved the vintage veggies!

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I totally LOVE them and they are perfect for my kitchen-valence plan! My current kitchen curtains have a veggie theme, so these will fit right in. Thanks again!

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The stitching is so nice and neat on those! And, I love the vintage feel and the black and yellow (with a hint of white) color combo. What a fun idea to turn them into a window valance, too. You’ll definitely have to share pics of that once it’s finished.

And, I received to fan-freakin-tabulous science-themed patches from @marionberries!

The first thing I saw when I opened the package was this gorgeous card with a mixed media focal point. It has multiple layers and the photo doesn’t do it justice.

Next, a Comet patch! The head of the comet is made with an absolutely perfect button and the tail is stitched with a variety of threads, including metallic, to give it a glow-y look. Wait… there is thread that looks like it might glow in the dark… let me check…okay, it’s not dark enough for me to tell. :laughing:

And, a ROBOT!! It’s made of beads, small stones, really cool coins, and a few other bits. I love how it almost looks like it’s made from electronics components, too (those long beads look a bit like resistors). And, it’s my first robot patch. I can’t believe that nobody made a robot for me before this.

She also used fantastic coordinating fabrics too- the background of the comet patch has constellations, and the fabrics on the robot are stars made with dots, and honeycombs with little plus signs (positive charge) inside hexagons.

Thanks so much! I really, really love them!


Those are wonderful! So perfect for the themes. Great fabrics, too.

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These are so fun!!

Anyone using metallic thread is really giving their best. It’s so tempermental. But it always adds such pizzaz!

But that robot just stole my heart! So many little pieces parts making a happy robot. So creative! Great work, @marionberries !!


@endymion what beautiful kitchen patches. They will add joy to your kitchen, real gems.

And @craftADDchick your science theme was just so much fun. Those coins came from a broken neck piece and were just the perfect thing. And no glow-in-the-dark comet. Great idea though. We have a little foster kitten named Comet right now, along with Nova and Star, all tuxies with all black Eclipse rounding out the celestial crew. You would love them.


Best kittie names ever!

Last week I received the most gorgeous patches from @monstersmiles. I apologize for not posting earlier. My life has been a bit of a circus.

Every time i try to upload photos I get a “permission denied” message. I’m going to post the text and then try to add photos in a little bit.

First, look at this AMAZING owl. It is so big, bright, and over the top. It is perfect! :heart_eyes:

Second, she made me the this lovely anatomical heart patch. She chose the most perfect fabrics. It fits into my classroom.

I am also getting the same message and love the patches that I received

I received patches from @EriChanHime and I totally LOVE them! I plan to use them all on an ATC binder cover.

We agreed to exchange three patches. First up, this cool “dark heart”.

The colors are wonderfully deep.

Next, this fun “Button Palette”. The brush is loose embroidery thread, and the paints are buttons. This one is my son’s favorite.

I like the little tufts of thread in that one.

Last, my favorite, an homage to Matisse’s “Fall of Icarus”.

I love the original Matisse, and adore her fabric version. It will be perfect for my project!

EDITED to add that the backs of the patches were from vintage Japanese fabrics. The yellow one has a sheen that the photo didn’t capture.

Thanks so, so much @EriChanHime!


That paintbrush and palette is so clever!

I can finally share my gorgeous patches from @monstersmiles!

The owl is big, bright, and over the top. I adore it. She chose lovely fabrics for the anatomal heart. It looks perfect with my growing heart collections.:heart:

EDIT: The owl has inspired me to make a patch bag for my little sister. My brain is overflowing with ideas. She will adore this owl!


:sparkles: :thread: :heart: Your Stitch-tastic Gallery has been Featured this week! Congratulations to all your swappers on your beautiful creations! :heart: :thread: :sparkles:


I received from @roler my sweet patches. Fabric and felt and buttons and beads and embroidery goodness! I asked for small ones, about 3" and she delivered! Aren’t they sweet? Thank you roler!