To Market to market

My knitting guild has some fun themes and projects each month. Whoever participates gets to put their name into a raffle for some pretty cool prizes. In November of 2023, the theme was market bags. I was excited because I enjoy knitting them. They are so stretchy and quite useful. I make a lot of them to gift to people who shop the Food Bank Farmers’ Market.

Anyway, I bought several skeins of Uneek Cotton DK yarn and printed out all of the patterns, but then health issues got in the way and I missed the monthly meeting! I decided to carry on and finish them and presented them last month. Of course, I missed the raffle, but I won the prize they give out for just showing up! YAY!

Bag #1 is from a set of patterns called Leaning Right because the stitches lean right…there is another that is called Leaning Left…knitters know this is done by using either SSK or K2T. :wink:

Since it matched some colors that my partner @thanate liked in the IYP swap, I decided to add it as an extra.

Bag#2 is called the Illene Bag. It holds a tons even though it is quite small.

Finally, Bag#3…it is called All Points because it is a mix of right and left leans and stockinette. I love this colorway.

Thanks for looking!


Oh these are all fun! (tho of course mine is the best :laughing:) Glad you got to finish them eventually, even if it wasn’t quite on schedule.


I get requests for the forest colors the most. I am not ordering more yarn until I get resettled…there are so many choices for this yarn, so I will be happy knitting for some time!


So…there is no fat pig involved?

Lovely bags! They aren’t pokes, are they? Just for the pig connection…

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These are gorgeous. I thought the first one was my fave but then I saw the last one, wowie. The middle’s pretty great too!

They’re all so pretty!

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So pretty and classy.

The amount of talent on this board, blows me away.
Your name starts with an A so that makes you the toppest of the list.

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They are beautiful! I think the All Points is my favorite because the color way is just so gorgeous.

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I love all three! The green in each one is gorgeous. Love a good stretchy bag. Super useful!

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The colors are so pretty and I love a useful craft!

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I really like all of the color combos on all of these bags!!

Nice bags! I’m sure those will hold items well. I like how you have the stretchy sides and then a nice base for them.
My sister purchased a bag for me, but it’s all one kind of stitch and stretches too much. If it’s heavy enough, the handle stretches really long and the bottom bows. I’ve been keeping a yarn project in it lately. It’s super cute, has a strawberry on it, but I can’t use it for store purchases.

:cherry_blossom: Congrats! This bloomin’ amazing project is featured this week! :cherry_blossom:

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These are all so pretty, but I love that middle bag to bits!

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