Toddle Busy Book

Hi Everyone,

I recently got to finish one my unfinished projects. I started this busy book last year and was planning to give it to a friends child for their first birthday. He is about to turn two so only a little late. For some reason I wasn’t the happiest with this project I didn’t like how I finished it and I feel if I had made it currently all in one go the quality would be better. I think this is going to serve as a motivator to finish a project when I start it.

Given my feelings on the book I didnt get any good photos of it but I did take a video which I turned in to a gif- the back cover got cut off in the video but it had a little maze on the back so the little boy could use a toy car to drive around the maze.

The pages of the book include:

*Front cover- child’s name in glitter HTV (used my cricut machine to cut it out)
*1st page- Counting octopus- used felt, ribbon and beads
*2nd page- Shape matching- Used HTV, felt and ribbon (used my cricut machine to cut it again)
*3 Page- Lion head with a ribbon and texture mane- Used felt and some random ribbon I had around the house to make the mane
*4th Page- Rainbow zips (my favorite page)- Zips and felt
*5th Page- Count pizza- Used cricut to cut out felt and then had glitter HTV vinyl to help with the counting. Personally this page could have been better I think the colours are a bit boring.
*6th page- Owl Puzzle (my second page)- Used my cricut to cut it out and its made from felt
*Back page (not shown)- White HTV in the shape of a simple maze cut on my cricut machine.


It’s very cute! Two seems like a great age for this gift, also!

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Busy books are fun! I’m having a hard time really seeing the pages in that tiny video though, maybe you’d share some larger photos? We can probably imagine the moving parts well enough from those.

Look nice! I made one for my grand daughter a couple years ago and she still loves it at age 4.

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This is super cute! I need these for my grandkids! The octopus and the rainbow zipper and the pizza are my favorites!

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Well, this is just adorable!

As a side-note, people around here have been saying they cannot post videos. How did you do that? Are you a wizard?

I think that because it’s a .gif which is more of an animated photo it works vs a .mp4 or .mov or whatever.


adorable! what a labor of love! I’m sure the mama & the child both appreciate it!
well done :slight_smile:

That looks like a lot of work and I am glad you finished up. I am sure the kid will enjoy it. I think it turned out really cool.