Toddler Desk - IKEA hack

Step by step I’m converting my little girl’s nursery into a big girl room.

The first finished item is her new desk.

I took two Ikea “Eket” base units and added a plywood top.

More room to craft for the little one:

Next up is her bed but that’s going to be more than a naptime project.


Smart way to get more mileage out of those baby room pieces!

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Such a creative desk for her, with lots of elbow room and storage. Great job!

I try to stay frugal and use the things I have as long as possible. Good thing that craftiness helps with transforming things.

Now I’m thinking about what to do with the changing table. It just moved from one kid to the next but now that the littlest has grown out of it it needs a new purpose. For the time being I‘m using it as a dresser, but it’s very deep so I‘m thinking about adding some kind of hutch.

My sister used our old changing table as a vanity, she had a big mirror hanging above it, she kept her jewelry and perfume bottles on top of it and her make-up in the top drawer.

That’s awesome @Immaculata!

I would love to see what you do with the changing table @Silky_Bee. I’ve been thinking about how we will transform ours when it’s no longer needed, too (hopefully soon). Please share!

Great IKEA hack!

Wow, that turned out great!!

Oooh! Love it!

Cute idea.