Toon Me Challenge

There is a viral challenge for artists to cartoon part of their face! So here is mine completed. :grinning:


Fun! It reminds me of an 80’s album cover.

That is so cool! Great job!

Jem! Truly Outrageous!
I wish I was techy, I’d do this with a photo of my sister who Loooved Jem when she was little. She grew up to be a singer, jazz but still😄

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I saw that’s been going around, an even fiddled with GIMP a bit yesterday…but only on my dog.

I love the trend for cut out pieces, and yours has great breaks! I even see the little hornay-hornays!!

:shamrock: :metal: :four_leaf_clover:

Nice Christian also how is imwei and B doing?

I’m loving that little glimpse of a horn :grin:

Love it! The little horn is perfect! :grin:

I like the unique take on the challenge! The multiple geometric sections make it look more unique the others I have seen just do half and half.