Topic for image transfer/reproduction projects?

Hey there, I’ve got some stenciled tees to post but not sure where to put them. I didn’t make the shirts, I hand cut the freezer paper stencils.


I’ve been wondering the same. My plan was to put it under decorative and functional crafts with the tag clothing and a title that said “something something stenciled tee.” I feel like that one is general and generic enough since it’s not really a medium driven category? But I’ll wait to see the response in case a new tag is created.

There isn’t a tag for clothing in that category. Are we able to create tags? I haven’t tried that yet…

I meant fashion. I shouldn’t post at 4 in the morning. With jewelry and some of the other tags under fashion, it feels more broad. Stenciling could though I suppose go under the misc tag in decorative and functional crafts.

I think it should have a section somewhere, maybe with stamping, printing, silk screen & other image reproduction techniques.

Fashion is where it would go. If it were a pillow, it would go in Decor. If it were a stamped card, it would go in Paper.

Just always use clear, descriptive titles as well as content text in your post, and it will be found via the search. If we see there is a major influx of a particular medium over time, we’ll create new category tags to support it. We don’t want to over-complicate and over-build initially, though.