Topsy Turvy Doll

My 82 year old grandma decided to start a doll collection and asked all her granddaughters to give her a doll for Christmas. I made her this.


She is so danged cute I can hardly even stand it!

LOVE! Topsy Turvy dolls are one of a kind, and your is terrific!

I’m pretty sure I used to have a doll like this when I was really little. I wonder where it went! (it’s possible it wasn’t mine, but was someone else’s.)

She’s super adorable!!

This is amaaaazing! Both halves are so cute and so different! This will definitely be a unique and awesome addition to your grandmother’s collection!

What a beaut! Your grandmama’s collection is off to a great start.

I had one of those little red riding hood/big bad wolf topsy turvy dolls…ah, this post brought back some fond memories.

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I had one of those too!

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This came out great! So cute! I have a pattern for a knitted Topsy on my 2020 craft list- hopefully I get to it!

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I LOVE these types of dolls! You did a great job.

Cute! I love the difference in their styles and personalities.

I love these dolls!!

It’s super cute. I love your fabric choices.

Your grandmother will love this dolly! She/they are adorable.

The doll is adorable, i especially love the rick-rack hair!

I just saw one of these in a book recently What a fun idea! I like your fabric choices and the rickrack hair!

How wonderful that she wants something from all of you :slight_smile: and this doll is adorable :smiley: great job

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