Topsy-Turvy Red Queen with Alice (& mushroom!)

Made for a swap, this (these?) dolls were super enjoyable to plan and put together.

Figuring out how to mirror their dresses was really something, especially at the fold. I was so please with both collars.

They are each kitted out with so many fun little details, sparkly red jewel earrings for the Queen along with a glass rose pendant, silver crown, and red velvet bow.
For Alice, a key necklace, clock charm, and of course magical mushroom bracelet.

No pattern, just made up.


I love the shadowing around the eyes, and the lack of other features. They say a lot without their mouths.


I admit - I struggle with these little dolls - whichever one you pick, there is one covered up!

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I LOOOVE Topsy Turvy dolls! This is the best!

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No pattern?!? What! Astounding! I love looking at your work

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Thanks friends :blush:

@bethntim I hardly ever use a pattern for anything, I am impatient with all the steps and would rather just play around. You never know what you’ll end up with, sometimes it turns out cool.

Your doll is AMAZING! I agree, the dark coloring around the eyes is fantastic. It just adds so much expression to their faces. The little details of jewelry, crown, and mushroom are perfect. Well done!

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Your topsy-turvy red queen and Alice have a “Coraline” feel to them- just slightly creepy- which is amazing! Highly creative !!

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