Traditional plaid meets bright colors

I’ve had this plaid warp on my loom for months and was finally able to finish weaving and get it wet finished this week. I just love the look layering bright colors on top of a boring traditional plaid gives.

Group shot

Here’s the squared up “traditional plaid” sample using the same color sequence as the warp

And below is lots of other variations utilizing the colors in the warp and brining in lots of new colors.

Thanks for looking!


So gorgeous! Love the colors and patterns.

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I love these and admire how much patience you have to get it all set up, let alone make them all super pretty.

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I like the patterns and different colors! It’s neat to see how the color changes depending on where it’s at in the weave. What will you do with these?

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They’re hemmed as towels so I’ll probably keep a couple and swap for the others.



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These are absolutely gorgeous. Bright colors like this speak to my soul. Love, love, love!

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Completely gorgeous, really lovely patterns & colours.
Photos 2 & 5, I’m sure my auntie has a plaid shirt in just those shades.


Ultra cool! Gorgeous work as always.

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They are lovely!

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More beauty from your loom(s)! And this post has convinced me that indeed my new laptop needs its monitor calibrated, because these don’t look bright to me. D’oh!

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My camera did blow out the colors for most of the individual photos, they’re much brighter in person!

Ah, good to know! Seems like some others are seeing them as bright, so maybe it’s more about definitions of “bright”? :thinking: :smile:

Hmmm I think the way I uploaded might have also blown them out? The originals look way brighter on my phone

ETA - I’m going to swap out the group shot in the first post with this one so anyone seeing this now, you’re not crazy if they look the same to you :slight_smile:


I have had the suspicion that my monitor was not quite accurate from other things, so maybe I am projecting onto these images or this is just more evidence that it does need some adjusting.

Are you familiar with Madras plaids? (British-inspired plaid, only made in India with the local color sensibilities.) These have some of the same feel. Glad you were finally able to get it finished up!

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You are a bad influence.

I see these amazing weavings and think… Maybe when mom downsizes i’ll keep a loom or two. Or maybe this winter I’ll let her try to teach me. (tho historically thats a REAL BAD idea).

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I think you spelled “good” wrong :wink: The world needs more weavers!

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Oooo I hadn’t, will look into them. Thanks!

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The only time i tried to help wind a warp i ended uptied to a chair and wasted so much yarn with tangled knots.

Tho i have a friend whp once paid in beer so I’d hang around and help thread.