Travel jewelry bag from recycled purse

Getting ready for summer travel, I decided I needed a jewelry organizer to replace the ziploc bag I’ve been using (soooo elegant!)

The inside, with zippered rainbow organza pockets for small items and a couple of large zip pockets too.

All folded up

All from stash; I recycled a purse I made recently (from stash fabrics); it was just too small but it had several zippered pockets. I wound up picking out half of each zipper to make the organza pockets, and piecing together bits of the 3 different fabrics used for the purse. I wound up making 3 separate pouches with pockets on both sides, then hinging them together with embroidery floss.

I know I bought some plain white organza a couple of years ago just for projects like this, but despite my recent reorganization of fabric, I couldn’t find it. Good thing, because I love the way the rainbow organza (from a thrift store) looks.

It’s kind of wodgy and uneven, and I swear it’s breeding loose threads, but its 4 zippered pockets and 2 patch pockets will hold and protect my earrings, pendants, bracelets, a checkbook, and a variety of other items I haven’t thought of yet.

If I had made it from all new fabric and zippers, it would have been neat and tidy, and taken half as much time. Where’s the fun in that?

Incidentally, I styled it with ginormous silver earrings to show off the pockets. I could probably fit 4 pairs of my regular earrings in each section.


Way to take a sad song and make it better! Or, well, refit your recently made purse into something that suits your needs.

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So handy and I love that you can see through all of the pockets! CLEVER!

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What a great idea to re-make the purse you don’t love, into something you do love.

That rainbow organza is awesome! Guess it was a happy accident, that you couldn’t find the white organza. If you had made this from all new materials, it wouldn’t have been half as interesting.

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Ooo…love that rainbow organza! What a fun, functional project.

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