Travel journal in progress, because the journey is still in progress

My new idea for travel is to sew a few pages together to make a signature that will eventually be bound into a journal. I’ve always kept a collage type travel journal. And this way takes up less space.

Right now I’m on deck on a cruise ship as we wind our way around the Mediterranean, it’s been a really really tough summer and I’m pretty weary, so I’m content to just sit and drink cocktails, do a bit of art and journalling. While my husband has set off to climb the leaning tower of Pisa. I’ve three more days of this and then it’s back to the real world and to work!

Here are some pages.

My planets @skrutt asked to see them properly and they are of course inspired by @jemimah happy birds

Typical travel page, I do watercolor backgrounds, then stick on ephemera and add notes.

This is my entire journalling kit, it allows me travel light . Watercolor paper stitched into a signature, glue stick, travel box of watercolours, pen,pencil, glue stick and tiny bottle for water.

This was a cocktail from a couple of days ago, in a fancy mug, sadly not a real pineapple

And an abstract of the waterslides and canopy on the pool side.

So I went back in and inked the lines of this painting, which do you think works best?

And of course most essential when you’re relaxing. A drink

I feel like Nanny Ogg on holidays “Nanny Ogg could see the future in the froth on a beer mug. It invariably showed that she was going to enjoy a refreshing drink which she almost certainly was not going to pay for”

EDIT: today’s painting.


This is a GORGEOUS way to travel journal! Your paintings and “scraps” are capturing wonderful vignettes of your trip and it’s so cool that you’re making each holiday it’s own signature in a larger book.


What a wonderful idea! Your pages are beautiful. Great way to commemorate your vacation. Love your traveling-light art kit, too.


I wish I had the foresight to do a travel journal when I went on a cruise! I went with my sister so it was hardly relaxing…more like “do all the things”…I was exhausted when I got home!

I love how you have embraced what YOU need from your trip.

Although, I have to say, climbing the stairs on the Leaning Tower is one of my strongest memories as a child. Good on your husband for doing it!

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I love your Party planets! They look so awesome! And what a great travel journal!

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This is such a cool way to remember your trip and get to relax during it. I like the slide being inked in. The little bolts holding the slide together add a nice industrial touch to such a fluid project.

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LOVE the Nanny Ogg reference!
Great journal and great way to remember your trip. those planets are awesome.

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What a great snapshot of your trip. So amazing!

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Always love a Pratchett quote.:heart_eyes:

Im sorry you’ve had a rough summer but that certainly looks like a great way to turn the courses.

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Nothing like a cruise! The Mediterranean is on my bucket list and I love how you are taking advantage of the opportunity to relax!! Your travel kit is perfect and I love your idea of adding to a journal as you go.

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Oh, this reminds me oh @Phizzychick’s wonderful travel journals. What a treasure it will be in your collection.

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She was the original inspiration for my travel journals, I met her many many years ago in London and she showed me the one she was working on. I learned all about putting borders on my pages from her.

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:star_struck: :boom: Wow! This awesome project is featured this week! :boom: :star_struck:

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Thank you sweetie. That’s lovely

And it’s lovely to be home!

This is fabulous! so beautiful and inspiring :sparkling_heart: