Trick or Treat Shirt

Vintage (1997) fabric from Susan Winget. Simplicity 8552.

I was careful not to have a big ole moon or pumpkin right on my bustpoint, but I should have cut the sleeves a half repeat over to move the two red houses and the two yellow houses away from each other. Live and learn. The next time I made a raglan I checked the pattern alignment on the sleeve to bodice join more carefully

I work in a Friends (Quaker) school, and we don’t do weapons. I used my extremely useful permanent markers to change the guns into money bags, and to diversify the all-white cast.


Cute shirt, and fabric made only better by your alterations.

What a fun Halloween shirt! I love the changes you made to the print!

Again, you amaze me! Your alterations just make it all that much better

Wonderful. Love your fixes.

That’s so fun!

Very very cool!

:cowboy_hat_face: YeeeEEEE-HAW! Your handmade goodness is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :fireworks:

Woohoo! I’m wearing it today!

The fabric is cool, and you made it even better. Great shirt.

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Absolutely adorable! I love your little “fixes” to the fabric. A little marker made it a lot better. :slight_smile:

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Great shirt! I love the alterations, and well done for thinking ahead about the bust placement, lol, I wish I would remember to do that sometimes!!