Tricky Blue Kitty

Sometimes it is just hard to say no to a challenge. Ds asked if I could take one of his RP characters and make a version of it. So he picked the yarn and this tricky kitty happened.

The image he sent with a note that anything orange was supposed to be neon yellow.

He liked it and I loved the toe beans!


So adorable and really captured the character. Orange toe beans!

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What a cool mom you are! Great depiction of the character. (The character itself is pretty cool, too!)

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So cute. Great recreation.


Great hair! Did it take you long to make?

Thanks! I might have to try more of his characters and expand my go-to color palettes!

@irid3sc3nt It took about 10 days to make, but at least 3 of those were waiting for a yarn shipment to arrive! Pastel pink just didn’t look right for the toe beans so we ordered an orangey coral color.

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Kids make us think out of the box sometimes! Very cute!

His hair is fantastic!!!

:fireworks: Congrats! Your project is one of our features this week! :fireworks:

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Challenge delivered! This turned out great. I LOVE the hair.

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His hair is latch hooked in and brushed with a dog brush for more body. Next time I’ll wear gloves. Those bristles hurt!