Trio of Cording, Piping, Whatever You Want To Call It

I’m midway through a stash-busting home dec project which “required” 3 different colors (and sizes!) of cord. These are they.

These were the only part of the project that includes non-stash: the cording inside the lavender velveteen and the teal linen. I did have the cord for the gold linen, though!




I’m inspired to use cording, just need to find the right project. I think narrow piping would look great on a neckline.

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Can’t wait to see what you have planned for these!


These colours look really cool together.

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Thanks, pals!

I agree! I little piping is a lovely finishing detail.

Thanks! I think so, too.

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I love cording, actually I love trim, and have way too much of it, especially leave. I never know what to do with it.

You’ve done a great job with these, the colours are lovely and I’m eager to see what your plan is for them.


Thank you! And, samesies. I can’t seem to help myself when there are trim remnant bins at the store or even at vintage sales and thrift stores. I have gotten better at refusing, but the thing with smaller pieces is that a) they don’t take up that much space, right? and b) they are harder to put to use. :person_shrugging: I did make a choice to only make as much as I think I will need of these - with a small margin, of course.

I wish I had the excuse of smaller bits. But I literally have a box full of lovely lace, some really nice long vintage stuff, so much!

I have no idea what to do with it!

Ha! All my “excuses” are merely rationalizations for [grabby hands] gathering the pretties. I, too, really have no idea what to do with mine… maybe I’ll start gluing the shorties to assemblage? Luckily, I lean towards the gaudy or kitschy styles so it doesn’t feel too abhorrent to think in these terms.



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I really like these colors and can’t wait to see how they turn out!

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I have a large length of pink lace trim (from my gran) that is wound on a piece of cardboard (not quite A4, probably an old UK quarto) that states 24yds. I haven’t unwound it to see if it is still 24yds’ worth.

No idea what I’m going to do with it, but when my mum brought it home and asked me if I wanted it, what else could I say, but yes?


Exactly! I have loads of old lace from street markets when I lived in London, it couldn’t be left behind!


I have 2 variegated, pink crochet lace loops that look like they were removed from pillowcases. They came from my grandmother, so I assume they were made by someone in my family and rescued when the cases were beyond their useful life. I can’t part with them, at least not until I make them into something. But pink - and maybe especially variegated pink - is not my jam, so they’ve been in stash for decades. Hmmmmmmm.