Trio of Crochet Coil Rope Baskets

When I was at our local Ace Hardware picking up some clothesline rope for my stash, I had the nicest guy help me out. He seemed a little confused that I was not going to use the rope for an actual clothesline. I tried to explain to him that I used it to make textile baskets. He smiled politely, but I know he had no idea what I was talking about.

So, I decided to make him a little basket. I also had some leftover cheap acrylic yarn that I wanted to use up. Well, it ended up that to use up ALL of the yarn, I had to make three baskets. I combined some solid acrylic yarn in the largest basket. I had about 1 inch left after I was done…and yes, I threw it in the trash! :grin:

These were pretty simple but they sure are hard on the hands. I’ll use the rest of the rope in making fabric baskets later.

Smaller baskets (one to give to the Ace Hardware guy and one for my gift basket):

I love how the bottom of the baskets look.

Larger basket;


They are all so pretty!

Thanks…and I still feel like I am losing the yarn stash reduction challenge… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


These are so lovely! No one would ever suspect your were trying to use up stash or “lesser” yarns! I hope you will report back about how the hardware store employee responds to your gift!

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but they kind of make my hands hurt just thinking about making them.

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These are spectacular and I really love how you finish them off with the swirl and button maneuver there- so classy!

Wonderful little treasures! I also love the button swirl finish. Hope the hardware guy loved it!

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The color fade works beautifully with the rope!

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So colorful and pretty! I also love the way the bottoms look. If you used cotton rope and cotton yarn, they would make beautiful hotpads/trivets. I know rope crochet is hard on the hands; kudos for the effort— well worth while. Do let us know how the hardware store guy reacted!


Lovely. The buttons for the end really do finish it off nicely.

So pretty! I wish I knew how to make these!

What a great way to use up yarn and create something not only pretty, but useful too!!

Wow! I have only seen this done with fabric. I can imagine how hard it would be on the hands! They all look gorgeous though. Amazing project and a stash buster to boot!


:cyclone: :scissors: :yarn: Congratulations! Your Trio of Crochet Coil Baskets are a Featured Project this week! :yarn: :scissors: :cyclone:


All three of these came out really nice! I especially love the pops of color inside the big basket!

I LOVE that you made one for the hardware guy. So sweet. Great destash too!

These look spectacular! I have tried the crochet method and they were too floppy. It was difficult for me to keep the proper tension, so I usually stick to the fabric-wrapped version. :slight_smile:

Perhaps it is the cord you are using. If I am sewing, I use all cotton with no inserts. For crochet, you can use nylon or cotton with a synthetic core. Both of those are very rigid, which makes them harder on one’s hands. The Dollar Store has tons of cords that are suitable and they even have colors!

I’m so intrigued to hear if the hardware store clerk responds favorably to the basket. :popcorn:

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Love the color and shape of these! :smiley:

Has anyone done one of these that includes wrapping the cord with fabric as is often done on the sewn versions and then crocheting over that?