Triple Pennant Bunting Birthday Cake Topper


My mom will be visiting us for her birthday coming up. While I can’t make a cake, I can make a cake topper for a store-bought dessert.


I don’t call my mom by her first name, but the other people celebrating do, so I decided to go that way, especially as I will be sending it home with her if she wants it.


One reason I chose this cute dotty paper was because it was printed on both sides so the presentation will look nice even from both sides. I think she’ll like these colors, too. I guess it could be used for other occasions, too.


It’s not a day for outdoor photography and I can’t set up my little photo box, so the lighting is not great - even with simple corrections.

All the papers were cut with my Sizzix using dies. The pennants are hot glued to the twine and the twine is glued to the skewers, then tied. All materials from stash.


That will really dress up the cake. Very cute!

This is adorable!

So very sweet!


But wait, Mistress Supercrafter doesn’t bake???

Super cute!

Thanks, everyone!

@steiconi Oh, I sure do bake! I just will not have the time to bake something I would want to. It’s an incredibly busy time of year for me and probably not an ideal time to have house guests, but I just couldn’t wait any longer! While I did see my mom last fall, she hasn’t been here since November 2018.

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Utterly charming & dear-Mama worthy indeed!

Oh thank goodness, the world won’t topple off its axis!

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Bahahahaaaa! Oh, YOU!

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Super cute! This will surely elevate your purchased cake!

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Very cute! You do so many fun paper things!! This will be the perfect handmade touch for a store bought cake.

Cute. She will be tickled.

Thanks, pals!