Trunk Full Of Wild Flowers Box Card

Spring is a Birthday Bonanza for our household with at least 6 friends and family to celebrate. Hoo! This is the first card of the season, even if it is not for the first birthday: my mom’s!

This was the most complicated card I have made in awhile which was a fun challenge! And so I took many detail shots. So many detail shots.




Another fun challenge was trying to get all twelve (12!) papers from stash. SUCCESS!

As is my way, here is shot of the card “collapsed” into its bespoke envelope.

One reason this card was made out of order was so I could give it to my mom when she visits us a full 5 weeks before her birthday and save the risk of sending it through the mail system (and probably about $3 in postage, this card is huge and thicc). This meant I could stamp a sentiment on the outside of the envelope.


I used my Cricut Explore and project files from


Beautiful!!! And so many layers… it’s a work of art!

Awww, thank you!

I really like all the rhinestone and brad details! You did a great job wrangling all those layers into a beautiful card!


Thanks, pals!

The source for the project files does a great job with both the PDF and video instructions for her projects. It helps A LOT!

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WOW!! That’s a fantastic gift by itself!

OMG! It is spring in a box!


Thanks, everyone!

These cards have come at a great time for gifting to my mom who is of an age and such that she doesn’t really need or want much of anything.

This is so beautiful! Flowers that don’t need water or sun to thrive and stay beautiful forever. One of my favorites by far (and so many to great ones to choose from) of your cards.

Soo pretty!! You’ve been rocking out the AMAZING cuts!!

Awwww, THANKS, y’all!

The Easter pastel plaid for the box is just genius, love that and the leather-like bindings. Very cute card.

Thanks! I had trouble capturing the details on the corner bits, @Magpie, which are actually metallic paper!