Trying out ALL the free pouch patterns

Looking for The One.
I didn’t find it but I had fun sewing & learned a few new tricks so that was cool
A stand up pencil case

The top pulls down for easier getting at the stuff inside.

This one is cute

Added a pocket inside

There’s supposed to be a sort of internal divider but it seemed awkward to me so I turned that into another little pouch that can go inside or be separate

This one is weirdly constructed but interesting.

I stitched dividers into the inner pocket on a whim. Not sure if that makes it more or less functional.

This is some sort of origami business

I wasn’t paying enough attention to the measurements & got things a little off but I think it turned out cute anyhow.


lol Thanks to you and @edel, I had spent a lot of time bookmarking YouTube videos and Pinterest for pouches and bags! I made myself a similar note: try out all of them! lol

I see you have done some of the legwork for me and reported back…so many more to do…

I just love the last one so much and can see usefulness!

I scratched off a foldover one because I couldn’t figure out why I should waste fabric for the foldover when it was not usable space…I think it was just for looks? Do you know or have an opinion on that one?


I saw a fold over tissue cosy, lol. Talk about a useless detail. Just, no.


I don’t get fold over bags. I think they are very on trend, but they seem a bit pointless up me. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make


Truly, wouldn’t it be harder to get your things out of the bag to get to the bottom? lol…definitely not going to make one just because it was on trend…it would frustrate me to dig around too much! (and waste precious fabric for just looks!)

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These certainly are all lovely to look at! And in no small part because of your tidy and precise work.

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All great pouches! Love the microscope fabric.

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“Some sort of origami business” made me chuckle. I love pouches and bags and wallets! Your fabric choices are great too.

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Love the hidden message on that last pouch! It’s all business on the outside and all party on the inside!


Magpie’s Mullet Pouch!!!


I love seeing all of these! Clearly made while indulging a love for sewing! Fun fabric and fun patterns.

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I am the lucky recipient of these pouches and I LOVE them all. @Magpie said i could give some of them away to other teachers and I’m taking her up on that idea.
We just hired a chemistry teacher who hasn’t been in rhe classroom since 2007. I want her to feel welcome, so I’m going to fill a chemistry pouch full of fancy grading pens. I bet she will love it!


That makes me so happy, yay science, friendly teachers & awesome sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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