Turtle (and others) in disguise

The kiddos and I tried something new. We discovered a little shop in our holiday resort that offers different kinds of workshops for kids. So we couldn’t resist and learned how to decopatch. I actually had tried it before but when I saw all the lovely things they made in the shop I fell in love with it. Well, we made very simple things but we all enjoyed it very much, even my 4-year-old.


How fun! Did you use pre-made bases?

Wow! Really cute! And what fun to do with the kiddos!

Yes, we did :smile: They had a whole bunch of paper-mache animals to choose from. Otherwise the kiddos wouldn’t have so much fun I guess. They need to see a result quickly :see_no_evil:


I was thinking paper mache would work if you didn’t have bases. I will definitely have to try this with my kiddos! Little trinket boxes would be fun, too!

Absolutely! In the shops they had many chairs that were decopatched and they were so pretty. I was also thinking about decorating tin cans, like an upcycling project.

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Fun! what a cute idea.

Wonderful projects … I did something similar years ago with a plastic goose yard ornament. Decoupaged it with fabric and glue.