Two Birds, er, Bunnies, with One Stone

I made these chocolate Easter bunnies using a cut-out fabric from Spoonflower. Let me explain why I am doing this in July…lol.

I really wanted to try out the advertised super soft fleece fabric on the Spoonflower site to make some robes for my sister and my old home girlfriends for Christmas gifts. When Spoonflower offered a two-for-one fat quarter deal, I thought it was a great way to test out the fabric while still making something useful. These bunnies seemed to be a popular thing to make and perfect for the only two little ones in my family next Easter. They had a whole blog page on this.

I think they turned out cute, love the ease of making them. I added flat buttons to the eyes because they seemed a little creepy just being flat. I also bought 25 yards of yellow ribbon…a color I will probably never use again (yellow is not my thing).

Sadly, I was very disappointed with the fabric. It is printed on white and anywhere it is rubbed, like along the seams and even on the ears, you can see flecks of the white underneath. I made an inquiry to their customer support and was sort of miffed at her response: due to the printing process on this fabric, a more delicate project would be a better choice…seriously, I asked what would be considered a more “delicate” project? Her answer was: perhaps a fleece no-tie blanket (insert head bang here…). Needless to say, I won’t be buying or recommending this fabric for my robes or anything that can’t be “delicate” like these Easter bunnies :wink:, which will be handled and slobbered on by the toddlers… :laughing:

Anyway, I would recommend the pattern and have had more success with their Petal Cotton, Sateen or Linen. Thumbs down on the fleece, unless you maybe buy white… :slight_smile:


The little chocolate bunnies are adorable! I’m sad to hear that you had rubbish “help” from Spoonflower, though. I mean fleece is kind of known for being hardy and sturdy and used for rugged things! How is a blanket “delicate”?

lol I wasn’t sure if the person helping me caught my sarcasm when I asked her that question…normally, they are quite helpful and accommodating…I wasn’t asking for a refund, I merely wanted advice on if this was “normal” or not as I wasn’t going to spend time and money to make robes with this “defect”…oh well, there are lots of good fleece fabrics out there…and I have decided to make the robes from Japanese cotton for half the price!

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Love these bunnies!

I am so glad for you that you gave the material a trial run!

Yeah, the spoonflower printing is great for some things, but it is always quite obvious it’s printing on a white background; I’m sad but not surprised that a dark color doesn’t work well on the fleece.

I was surprised that the bunny designer recommended it for her product. Even if you pick a white background with any sort of pattern from the other designers, I think the result will be the same. I don’t think the color is rubbing off, I just think it is the nature of the nap and unless they are able to some how print deeper into the fiber, it will always be an issue. Perhaps for a throw, it is not crucial…all of the colors in a large area will blend…I am almost tempted to buy a few yards of lighter colors to make myself a robe as a trial run.

I’ve only seen their prints on smoother fabrics, but this is definitely my experience; you can get color gapping even with the slubby linen they recommend for their test square embroidery patterns.

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I did order a print on linen canvas…I think it depends a lot on the print as well…I am happy with that fabric as well as the smooth cottons…have you used any of their jerseys or lycra? I know they seem to show the clothing mostly in lighter colors…now it has me wondering…

I have some jersey I haven’t made up yet; it’s light colored, and does show some white as it stretches.

(I’m not unhappy w/ the linen canvas, just embroidering on it means you notice when it’s white underneath any time you move a thread over a tiny bit.)

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I agree - I think it’s not hard to tell a digitally printed fabric, even with other brands. It’s the same with printed cardstock… it just looks a little bit flatter.

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The trade off is that you can get some personalized stuff, I guess…I just wish they were more open about this…I order certain creams and foods and know that they are being made one at a time, so I can wait and be patient, etc. They are up front about their process so you know what you are getting into…it is a bit misleading to have a designer recommend something you plan on coming out just like hers…oh well, it is just a toy so I am happy with that and the many other fabrics I have from them…

@thanate…yeah, I found that as well when I was embroidering…it was annoying and I had to switch to a finer needle…I think I might also have used some sharpies to color the white…this group is great for getting the info out on our personal experiences…knowledge is great in helping to make decisions!

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Yes! They should make it clear in the description of the product so you know what to expect and it’s a shame if they don’t. Because we get to choose from such a huge selection of designs on so many types of fabric, we pay a pretty penny for the material - it just makes sense for them to describe how each base material accepts the ink and what types of designs and projects they are best and least suited for.

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EEEP! This is so awesome!

Is that chocolate bunny pooping chocolate eggs? I heard that’s where they come from…

ha ha ha…My sister and I collected rabbit “eggs” and brought them to our mother when we were 5 and 6 years old…I will put them in baskets with chocolate eggs for my great nephews to carry on that myth…lol…