Two footstools from IKEA lack side tables

We have a bedroom in our new house, that we call our library. I have to tell you it feels pretentious calling it that, but since there is no bed only armchairs and book shelves, and it’s where we go to read, it is a library.

Anyway we’ll maybe eventually get a couple of recliners, in the meantime we’ve two armchairs and they needed footstools. So I picked up these two side tables from IKEA for just 6e each. The fabric came from a creative reuse store (everything is free there once you pay your annual membership) the padding and foam was salvaged from a sofa that we were junking. So all in all they cost me 12€ (about 15$) for the two. And they were pretty easy to make.

Action shot

And some in progress pix.

Fibre fill underneath with a foam layer on top to smooth everything down. The foam wasn’t quite wide enough, but I’m on a make use of what you have kick at the moment.

Just stapled in place. The only necessity for this project is a decent staple gun.

Legs screwed on and it’s time to finish my book.


What a great hack! These look so comfy!

Lovely recon, great reuse of materials too. Happy reading :orange_book: :books: :open_book: :bug:

Believe you me, if there was room here I am certainly “pretentious” enough to have a library in the house, NO PROBLEMO! In fact, now you have me thinking if one wall of the livingroom couldn’t be covered in book shelves & I don’t really see a reason why not, hmm…

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You did a great upcycle job!

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Great project
Love the action shot!

I often think if I could go back in time and tell me as a child, that one day I’d have a house with a whole room for making things and another whole room for reading, I’d have thought I was the richest and luckiest person in the world.


Me too!

Me, three!!!

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Me four. This is by far the nicest home either of us have ever lived in, it’s just great. Little kid me would be amazed but our kids aren’t impressed which is really quite sad.


It’s kinda cool that your kids aren’t impressed. It is just home to them. They must be very comfy there

Call it a library,.that’s what it is. I love the foot stools, they look so professional and just right for a good read. And the reclaimed/reused pieces are amazing. Perfect.

A great hack! And so cool that so much of it was from non-new materials.

We’re on our way to having a room that will mostly be a library and it never occurred to me that it would be pretentious. Maybe I’m going to have to call it “the stacks” instead?

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Oh wow! So much better than the original. Very clever!

Love this! And I also love that you have a reading room, er Library. It does sound fancy and I like that. Books are regal. :books:

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You are right! Books are regal and a collection of them deserves a regal name. So I should get over myself!


:rainbow: Hot diggity dog! Your project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :dog2:

Woohoo. Thanks sweetie

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If a chair has a footstool count me in! Love the relaxed comfy vibe

I love the fabric! And you did a good job on them.

As for calling it the library being pretentious - it is not. You call a room with kitchen items a kitchen and a room with bedroom items a bedroom. There is no reason to feel pretentious calling a room with comfy furniture and many books a library because that’s what it is…a library. Enjoy it.

Nothing like a comfy chair and a footstool to read with abandon! Love the hack and the fabric you used…