Two more shawls

I did another half circle shawl using two different colorways (same yarn) by SpaceCadet.

This one I just bound off last night. A Step It Up shawl using LionBrand Mandala yarn.



Beautiful! Look at that color way on the step it up! You did it so quickly, too.


These are great! I like your color choices alot, too. What was the pattern you used for the half-circle?

They are lovely, I love the colours in the step up one

Both gorgeous! Love how the step up worked out with the mandala!

I found it on Ravelry. They did the basic shapes which is very helpful to me since I was looking into trying new shapes. They also have ones for doing shapes in the round (which I failed when I tried the full circle. I’ll try again eventually).

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Thank you all for the comments. I’m working hard on using up my yarn. I have such a huge stash and will of course be buying more in the future, lol.

This is great, thanks for sharing it!

I, too, have a larrrrge yarn supply and an itch to keep buying so… to the needles/hooks!

Love those greens! Beautiful work.

They are both pretty, but I love the colors of the bottom one. Great transitions.

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