Two Pairs of Simple Earrings from Craft Store Beads

Well, I finally made something from some of the beads and findings I’ve been stashing!

The wood beads are the only recently stashed pieces. The rest go back as far as 9 years. D’oh!

I hope to sit down with my little stash and some inherited pieces that could work better for me if reconfigured to create more earrings, as well as necklaces and bracelets in the coming months. I can see where my technique needs improving, but I am looking forward to honing it.


Those are awesome! The turquoise ones especially make me happy. Someday it would be cool to get to have a craft day in person— we would do some amazing collabs, I think! :smile:

Plus, it would be fun! :wink:


What a great way to put those beads to use!

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Love these! Simple and elegant.

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Thanks everyone!

Those turquoise ones are the best! Both are great!

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Everyone seems to like the turquoise, and even though they are great, I love the wooden ones! They are both awesome and kudos for using stash!

Thanks, friends! I want to make more earrings, but I keep finding myself attracted to the same two things: turquoise and wood/neutrals. HA!

Well done darling!

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Cute! I really like what you did with the second pair.

Thanks so much, y’all!

Very nice!

9 year old beads? Oh, my!
I have a bead I bought at a head shop on Haight Street in…1967.


Haha! Yeah, I have older beads, too, but not quite from just before I was born. :wink:

1967…! Waiting for juuuuuust the right project, evidently… :laughing:


Not like I could get rid of it now…


These are gorgeous!

Awwww, thank you! <3

I love the contrast of the natural shaped turquoise stones within the silver ovals. Very nice!

Thank you!