Two Pocket Coin Purse

I used this tutorial to make this two pocket coin/card purse.

I think these are good tutorials if you are very precise in your measuring and cutting…I am not that at all! I had to fudge the piece in so many places to get it to line up…and again, you do have to use a non-directional fabric design or parts will be upside down.

I think it turned out cute enough to give away. :grin:


Super cute!! what a great little gift! :smile_cat:

It did turn out super cute! Seems just right for a few cards and a bit o’ cash.

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Adorable!! I can’t tell you had to fudge a thing! And honestly, that makes me feel better to hear because this is me on almost every project. :laughing:


Super cute! I’m not fond of sewing things that you have to be very meticulous about measuring and cutting, so this would not be a pattern for me, but boy is it adorable! I love the blue snaps you put on it and that kitty fabric is just darling!!!


That’s super adorable! I am inspired. I kinda wanna make one. You can’t tell that you messed up anywhere. It looks perfect. I like the fabric you picked too.

Oh gosh, that’s cute!

I think if I had made a paper pattern first to check it, it would have been easier and more accurate.

I just cut the fabric using the measurements and probably mixed inches and cm, which I tend to do a lot since I learned the metric system first. lol I have to tell my brain to pick one or the other when I am sewing! lol

Live and learn!


It’s so cute and unique-looking with the double flap. The fabrics are adorable!

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I’m going to try one of these for my grand daughters.

You learned metric first? Obviously not in the US. I remember when metric came to Canada, in my grade 11 year, I was not impressed having to learn it just before finishing high school. I still sew in imperial but everything else is metric.

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I went to elementary school in Turkey and high school in Panama.

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Right? In design school the teachers used imperial so that’s what I use for sewing too. Weight & height as well, and tempurature! Weather, house, cooking, thermometer are all F. Sometimes weather is in C.
It is a PITA trying to balance 2 systems, ugh. But at least there’s no Gas Mark, leagues or stones mixed in there.


Most of the sewing videos I watch come from Asia so it was just easier to use cm since I have rulers and tapes with both inches and cm…it saved me from cutting something 6-3/8 inches!


:eyes: Great googly moogly! :eyes: Your craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

I love this and the fabrics you used. I might have to give it a try! Thanks for the link.

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