Umbrella and Hatbox Pin

For the Go Bananas swap, I knew I wanted to make some jewelry for my partner, the fabulous @kittykill. (For the record, I do think her name should always be introduced with the phrase, “the fabulous”.)

After scouring her Pinterest for inspiration, here’s one of the things I crafted, a retro-vibe umbrella-and-hatbox pin.

I actually had to make it twice… the first time, I put the pin hardware on last. But when I pinned it to anything, it wanted to turn completely sideways and expose some really ugly stitching in the back.

So I undid it and tried again. Luckily, I had plenty of pink leather in stash.


This time, I put the pin hardware deep inside, and did most of the stitching more neatly. It still turns sideways a little, but now still looks okay from that angle.

Here’s the inspiration for comparison. Mine’s proportioned differently, but still a reasonable resemblance.


How unusual & adorable! Perfect findings for the umbrella too. Great job!

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I am loving you nod to the past in your recent projects! This is definitely cute and stylish for the fabulous Ms. Kittykill!!!

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That turned out super cute! Even better than the inspiration image imo!

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SUPER cute!

Thanks! I forgot to mention that the hatbox was made from a vintage styrofoam spool, cut down to size. I used foil tape around the top edge to form the “lid”. Inside the umbrella, there is a wooden piece to help the umbrella keep its shape.

The little metal bead at the bottom tip of the umbrella really delighted me when I found it in my stash… it was the perfect little detail, and just the right size.

I LOVE my pin so much! It is so fab and you are just too kind for words. I can not wait to wear it. You are crazy talented.

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