Unboxing video, of an AliExpress dolls house miniature

A few folk have had questions about what’s in the kits and how things are put together. I made a very basic YouTube video of unboxing.

You can tell I don’t do this kind of thing a lot! But I’m going to have to learn about uploading video by the time lectures start in sept, if Corona keeps rampaging.

Hopefully this will give you an idea of what’s involved @TheMistressT @AIMR



I will say that I have a lot of admiration for anyone who is able to put together those kits!

I think it would be an engrossing project for sure and requiring a lot of patience! Just cutting everything out would be a challenge.

Nice to see how complete and generous they are with the supplies…everything you need to get it done. I really love this sewing one…

Holy cats! Those are so thorough! Very impressive design and package “engineering”! And very impressive making by you and everyone who completes these. WHOA.

Thank you, that was really fun watching mini-project after mini-project come out of the box. It straddles the line of exciting and daunting for me, though the fact that it really has everything kind of makes it seem like a 3D puzzle. And the concertina book cutouts ready to go! I love that!

That’s what I like about it too. I’m not a jigsaw puzzle fan, because I generally lose interest after doing the edge. But all the wee elements of this mean that you get lots of little moments with a sense of completion.

@TheMistressT yes! The engineering of this is really impressive, especially how they combine random stuff like eyelets, drinking straw and wire (in the previous one) and you get something that looks great. (A lantern) clever people.


Oooo, yes! I hadn’t thought about that aspect when I was watching your video. I do like a project with several finishes. Despite the current situation, I still think something like this will have to be a winter project if I do one, since we’re still able to do lots of outside projects at our place and must use the summer weather to our best advantage.

I didn’t know you had filmed one of these!!! I had no idea I had interest in a dollhouse miniature until now!!!

And you got me to watch an unboxing!!! Ha!

Wonderful, thank you for sharing!

OHHH! Thank you for posting this! I have been so curious.

The level of detail is incredible and you finish them so quickly. I’m impressed by your patience. I’m also surprised that all that stuff fits into such a small box, I had expected it to be bigger.

I’ve never watched an unboxing video either. Maybe I should have :joy: I could have learned to use the correct cameras on the phone, and not to be cut off at the end!


Nope, I love it! It’s an ACTUAL unboxing. I am not a fan of the popularized kind.

I love hearing your opinions about it. And when you sighed, I laughed!


Ha! Did I sigh? I’m going to have to watch it now.


Ooh, my greenhouse kit didn’t come with the piece size chart. Fascinating! (Also I got as far as assembling all the wood bits and then put it away again, so, hm… perhaps a moral there?)

You did, but it was more of a gathering of your thoughts.

Thank you for filming this! I was wondering how the kits came and was surprised by just how many pieces there were.

You might have mentioned in the video and I missed it - what kind of glue do you use to put the kits together?

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Great video! I went and checked out their sets. So detailed! Looks like fun!

I may have been cut off when I was mentioning glue, I’m guessing my phone has a time limit on video. (Noob!)

I use tacky glue when I’m putting the wooden and paper elements together. And a gel superglue-for things that involve wire+wood or wire+paper. Wire+wire. Some kits have a surprising amount of those combos, I used a lot of superglue-for the caravan minature. The roof rack and the ladder were all short lengths of wire glued. Chairs are often wire legs and wooden seats.

Superglue is a pain to work with-it hates me. I always use gloves and try and set out a number of things to be glued, so I can do them all at once. That reduces the number of times I glue my fingers together.


Didn’t it? That’s strange, I’ve not seen one yet that hasn’t come with a chart. That will make things much more challenging. Like doing a jigsaw with no picture.

Is it this one, by any chance? Because I’ve just received this and I have the charts. I could send you a copy

No, it’s the greenhouse one, of the same brand as the one in your video, and I got all the furniture together with no problems.

Great unboxing, I have never done any kits before and I was so intrigued and thrilled watching it.