Under the (AT)Sea

When one of the prompts for the Weekend ATC Blitz Challenge #5! was Under the Sea, my brain immediately, irretrievably went to The Little Mermaid. The plan was to do all six prompts from the lyrics to “Under the Sea,” but I ended up running out of steam and only completing two.

This one was for the prompt Myths: “The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake.” Serendipitously, I’d put together a blue/teal masterboard earlier in the week. I added some torn up green tissue paper to get a seaweed effect that I think turned out really cool.

Another prompt was Positive Vibes. This base is from the same masterboard, with Sharpie/gel pen bubbles. The writing is gel pen on painted tissue paper, which did what I wanted but, hoo, was it hard to work with :roll_eyes:

Thanks for looking!


Awww! Perfect. I am now singing “under the sea”. :crazy_face:

I think I said this on the other thread too, but I’ll say it again - the seaweed texture looks so cool! Nice cards!

That seaweedy texture is amazing!

Thanks, all. I’m so, so thrilled with the seaweed. My creativity/ambition often exceeds my ability to make what I’m envisioning work, and it’s so satisfying to have something turn out like I wanted it to.