Undertale's Grillby Watercolor Painting!

Hi Lettuce Craft! For my first post here, I wanted to put something that I loved. So, here’s a quick painting of Grillby from the RPG, Undertale!

I used Micron pens for the lineart and Artist’s Loft paints for the colors. Then, finished it off with some light shading via watercolor pencils. It was really fun doing the blending especially! :revolving_hearts: Still working on painting techniques, but this was some good practice.


Your shading is really well done! I’m impressed.


Awesome! Thanks for posting it here. Also love the shading.

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Oh, my son loves Undertale! Gonna have to show him this… Super work!

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Impressive work! Love his glasses especially.

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Wonderful! Great sense of movement

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I’m not familiar with the character, but this is awesome!

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Thank you to everyone for the kind comments! :two_hearts:

Wow, he’s spectacular. Can’t wait to see more of your work!

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Your Grillby is amazing, @Reo!

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My son also loves Undertale. He’d love this!! I also love the sense of motion. All of my art looks so stilted… I love looking at stuff like this to try to figure out how y’all do it! :grin:


Lots of references! :sweat_smile:
Drawing an action line can also help add movement to a piece. There’s a lot of good tutorials on YouTube that explain this better haha.

I love undertale love your drawing and yes I’m bunny1kenobi’s son


Beautifully done! I thought it was digital, very impressed that you hand drew it. @Pigeon is a fan :kissing_heart:

Great art, loge the flame shading :smiley: