Undyed 4ply

After my recent forays into hand dyeing. I was wondering if anyone can recommend somewhere to buy some undyed 4ply for dyeing up? Preferably merino but I am open to other fibers.

I like buying yarn at Wool Warehouse even though I am in the USA…their shipping is very reasonable and might even be free in some cases…you can search for hand dye, or dye and yarns will show up for you to check out.

Lots of undyed of various weights, and also roving!

Another USA site…not sure about shipping for international Actually, it is free if you purchase >60!

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I second KnitPicks, but there’s also Paradise Fibers and Knomad Yarn.

ETA: Shoot…just noticed you’re in UK. Hobbii carries some nice yarns that come undyed, and they’re very reasonably priced.