"Unforeseen Genius" Journal Page

I made this page last weekend in my ongoing dabbling with art journaling.

It’s a lot, but I like the final result, especially considering how many times I thought “What have I done/this can’t be saved” during the process. And now I know “Moar paint and stencils!” isn’t always the solution :laughing:. Thanks for looking!

(Journal is this Basic Starter Art Journal from a Grocery Bag.)


I really like how it turned out; especially the hands.

This is almost word for word what I was going to write :smile:.

I also like how the different layers shine through, though the background remains subtle.

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I love this page! The hands are amazing!

It turned out really well.

This is gorgeous! I agree with others, the hands are a stand out feature! Well done.

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I really like it so I think more paint and stencils is the solution :slight_smile:

Thanks, everyone! The hands came out of a magazine, so I can only take credit for the cutting/gluing/placement. (Which is still a lot [pats self on back].) I think I’m finding a style I like, or at least am interested in exploring, so more practice is in my future.

Ooooh, I love this! It’s funny how often I have the same thoughts about “ruining” a creation only to have it work out in the end. :smile: Nicely done.

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