Unicorn snorts


I was digging through files today and saw this little gem. It was one of my early paper piecing swap items. I used beads to show the breath of the unicorn and someone called them Unicorn snorts. Hee Hee. Unicorn snorts.

It brightened my day. Hope it brightens yours.


Pretty sure that was me. I love this project.

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It probably was. I loved it!

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That unicorn is gorgeous! I want him/her to come live with me :grinning::wink:
Seriously - can you remember where you got the pattern?

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It took a search but I believe this is it.

Buy pattern here

Well designed pattern and instructions. I used highlighters on the pattern pieces to plan out the colors. I even impressed myself when it was done.


Oh my goodness. This is AMAZING! The rich purples and greens and that wild mane make this unicorn just stunning. Well done!

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This is an absolute work of art!

Beautiful! :unicorn: :green_heart:

Thank you!

I did consider attempting a reverse engineering on it if you couldn’t find the pattern. This way is so much easier.

I like the idea of colouring the pattern to plan the colours. Thank you for the tip.

Edited to add:
The pinterest link @marionberries gave leads to a dead page, but it was enough to lead me to the actual pattern
Buy pattern here

There is also a free mane planner available and a mod to turn it into a pony. Click on the designers name to find them and all the other patterns she created

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That is gorgeous! <3

I REMEMBER THIS WONDEROUS BEAST!!! And knew exactly what it was and who made it the second I saw the baby pix.

The whole thing still makes me swoon with happiness. I’m so glad you reposted.


(whisper we should do another MAQ swap. Jes sayin)

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This is so amazing! :smiley:
(& it was one of the projects that made me want to try paper piecing!)

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Thank you for correcting the link.

Paper piecing makes my brain hurt. I already have a left/right disorder and paper piecing really makes my brain spin. So I color coded the thumbnail picture of the pieces and color coded the pieces as well. I used generic colors, pink, purple, white, gray, green, and then picked the fabrics as I went. I had stacks of fabric scraps all over the room. I found the cardboard trays the cat food cases come in very useful. I also used a big sheet of cardboard covered with a solid color fabric as the layout board. I don’t have any large flat permanent surfaces I can keep clear for that sort of thing, so the layout board was perfect. Light, moveable, and had to be protected from marauding cat paws.

It took me forever to re-sort everything back into the fabric stash afterwards.

But once I got my head straight, colors planned, it went surprisingly fast. I do think I will also color a thumbnail of the completed project in reverse - as seen from the back side. I kept getting dizzy translating back to front in my head.

But try paper piecing …start simple. It’s amazing with a good pattern. And then you’ll find harder ones…not so hard.


This is so amazing.

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I am taking your advice to heart @marionberries! Paper piecing is on my to-try list. Someday :thinking:

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This is so lovely! I laughed at the snorts!

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So beautiful!

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