Unloved Masterboard to Crazy Cool Bottlecap Magnets...and mini envelopes

I splurged today and bought 3 tubes of Winsor and Newton watercolor tubes to try them out. I made a masterboard I did not love. I added some acrylic in places, which helped, but still don’t love.

But, in true masterboard fashion, when cut up (in this case, into 1" circles) it turns out to look like it was meant to be.

I added magnets to two, to start.

This was the masterboard it started from:

And a few envelopes:

I don’t love them, but they are more appealing to me in the photo.

The jury is still out on the new watercolors. I think I need to try something more specific when I play with them next. Of course, at professional grade, they are good!


Great use of the masterboard!

Which watercolors were you using previously? Can you tell a difference between them? My comparison set is very small but I find the smaller pigments in the higher quality water colors leads to more pleasing disbursement when they touch water and coverage after drying (the cheap tray watercolors I have look blotchy when dry).

The brand is NicPro and I got them from Amazon. I am happy with them, but wanted to try another for comparison. I need to play around more before I can answer your other questions. I mostly just did a wash and a little bit of splotching to see aboit dispersement.

The bottle caps are very cool!

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Some of the bottle caps really stand out and the envelopes are sweet.

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I love it when a project that is less than satisfactory to me can be redeemed.This turned out well! I especially like the envelopes.


The envelopes turned out neat!

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