Unstructured Tassel Earrings from Leather Scraps

So many scraps and not enough time! I love to recycle, reuse and repurpose and I LOVE jewelry. I work for a company that sells leather hides to furniture manufacturers and upholstery shops and I collect the scraps from our sample cutting machine. Here’s one of my favorite pair of earrings. If only I had more time!!



Darling earrings! How lucky for you that you get the scraps from the sample cuts at work! That must be an inspiring workplace.


Cool! I bet they are fun to wear…do they have that new leather smell? Love that smell for some reason…

They probably do…lol. I’m around it all day so I don’t notice it as much as other people do.

mmmm like a new car around your face…ha ha

Nice earrings!! and yay for turning scraps into something beautiful and wearable!

I love their classic, simple lines. Very wearable and I bet they go with so many outfits! Lucky you, to be able to gather all those scraps.

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They look great. That’s cool you got to make them from scraps.

Nice! It is such a great design that never goes out of style. Also, way to use up those scraps!

Those earrings are so lovely! Not gonna lie, I’m pretty envious of your job. Leather scraps everywhere? Oh, the things that I could make!

These are great! Simply, but not plain. I also envy your access to the leather scraps! I once received a box of leather scraps from a friend who worked at a furniture design house and boy do I wish I could get more!

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