Upcycled Bun

Hi Everyone! I will do my best to get this posted correctly as I am new here! Thanks @pottermouth for encouraging me :grin:. I am a thrift-o-holic and I am always looking for ways to take old things and give them new life. Sometimes I just like to take old things and give them a new home but that’s another topic altogether. So here’s a little project I completed from a thrift store scarf. Perfect for leaving winter behind and welcoming spring :tulip:


Welcome @DonutPirate!

Welcome @DonutPirate! I look forward to seeing more of your creations!

This is a great way to upcycle!! This came out really cute and I never would’ve guessed the original source!


Welcome to Lettuce Craft!! Love how you transformed your thrifted knitted scarf into a crocheted cutie! I want to squeeze that little guy!

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Hello @DonutPirate and welcome! What an awesome recon of that yarn!

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WOW! What an amazing transformation! Good bye winter…hello spring for sure!

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How cute! Love that you repurposed the yarn.

That’s so adorable!! Yay for upcycling! And welcome! :rabbit2:

Welcome, @DonutPirate!
You did an amazing job on that cute crochet creature!
I love it.
And I love that you reused the yarn.

Those floppy little ears are making me swoon. So adorable!

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Super cute! I am waffling between loving the “free” material used but not so much loving the double amount of work. I’ve only frogged one old sweater & that was quite the project on it’s own.

This may be the most adorable bunny in the history of ever.

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WOW! What a great transformation!

Welcome! Bunny! So stinking cute and way to upcycle!

So cute - I love the little poof at the hips.

Welcome to Lettuce!! This is such an adorble upcycle!!

Congrats! Your upcycled bun is one of this week’s featured projects.

Adorable and definitely Spring! Great transformation.

Thanks everyone!!

Super cute! I love that it’s from re-purposed yarn!