Upcycled flannel shirt with printed fabric applique

I am a little rusty with the posting here so bear with me.

I was doing a challenge where the topic was bird houses. I always break the rulz so I went on a train thought and ended up with Smokey the Bear saving birds houses by stopping forest fires.

The image was printed on fabric with an inkjet printer then heat set. I added a braided sisal frame because… well because why not?

The collar got a bit of miniature pom pom trim. Because I had it.

I also had a bag of these circle things that I can never remember the name of from a vintage store. So I sewed them on the bottom like a fringe. Because I had them and because the shirt wanted fringe. Who am I to argue with the shirt over what it wants.

I had this embroidery design from when I made some shirts for a car club. I used to drive a Willys Jeep. Smokey is in one on the design. So I modified it an stitched it on the shirt. I even managed to do it so the pocket is still functional. Because. Oh come on. It has pockets right!?! Well that and I had never done that before so why not try it on a project I am going to post on the internet for everyone to see.

It wouldn’t be a truly upcycled flannel shirt if it didn’t have some kind of insert right? So I used some map fabric. We wouldn’t want Smokey to get lost on his way to preventing a forest fire now would we. And besides, he needs a map because those Willys Jeeps don’t come with GPS, or windshield wipers or gas gauges or seat belts for that matter.

So… my home for birds shirt that doesn’t have a single bird house or bird on it.


Great upcycle! I love that you used so many bits that you had around - following the True Upcycle Path. :rofl: A fringe is a great way to use yo-yos! (that’s what they’re called, hehe)

I love Smokey and have been saving a 2022 Smokey calendar to use the art… somehow. Maybe I’ll scan and print on fabric? DUDE.

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Wow, you’rea rebel! :grin: I love how you did this up. Smokey for the win!

Great shirt, and I love your thought processes!

Super creative upcycle! Would never have thought of adding the yoyos. Especially love the collar trim and the Smokey the Bear panel.

Given that it was Project Quilting challenge… The Rulz clearly say that it can be applique so I went for that on this one.

Thanks you.


Love the whole darn thing.

Especially, Smokie. He was so popular in my era, Right along with Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo too.

Thanks for the trip.