Upcycled Sweater

Remade a sweater from the thrift shop into a few things (fingerless mitts, a vest and two stocking Christmas ornaments). There are a couple scraps left that would make sweet lavender sachets for the spring, too. The original sweater felt too claustrophobic with the tightness and wool.

sleeves and I had a lot of fun choosing what to do with it!


You gave it so many new lives!


Very cool! I love to see a good up cycling project, and this definitely is!

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Such great projects from that sweater you didnโ€™t love! You really made the most of the neck and wrist details, too.

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Wow! You squeezed every drop of upcycle-y goodness out of that sweater. So cool that you turned one old thing into 4 new things!

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Thatโ€™s a perfect upcycle project!

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Thanks everyone; Iโ€™m looking forward to doing some more! :two_hearts: