Upcycled Upholstery Crossbody Bag

Years ago, I had the idea to make a purse from upholstery samples I’d picked up. Some, I got at my local creative reuse shop, and others at a going-out-of-business sale at a local fabric retailer. (RIP Hancock’s Fabrics. :cry:)

There was one piece of fabric in particular that was my favorite. It really sung to me! It has been languishing in my stash for a long time. The recent Make-a-Bag-and-Fill-It swap allowed me to finally “use the good stuff” and turn it into a crossbody bag for @jemimah. (Thanks, @Manders, for suggesting the swap!)

@jemimah said she wanted a crossbody bag to tote smallish (6x9”) art supplies on artistic outings. Her questionnaire suggested she might like a travel-related theme. How perfect! (Although I totally miscalculated the size, so she’ll need to leave the top zipper undone to carry her sketchpads!)

I altered the Teloujay 2.0 pattern from Country Cow Designs. The main changes were the diagonal zipper (which is super-cool, but wasn’t suitable for my fabric, which had a strongly horizontal design) and the size. In hindsight, it would have been better to make it the actual size of the pattern, but I made it smaller to work with the small piece of fabric that is the focal point.

The back has more upholstery samples. I love how the colors and shapes work together, and that it works with both blacks and browns.

The inside features a zipper pocket for secure storage of personal items. In my stash, I had some scraps of Spoonflower VanGogh/Starry Night fabric leftover from another project, as well as a geometric print that worked with both the interior and exterior colors & patterns.


Really, the only things I had to buy were some of the interfacings and stabilizers, and the vinyl on the strap. Even the zippers were reclaimed/repurposed. I ended up crocheting around the zipper loops because I didn’t like how the bright silver looked against the geometric background.

I had some struggles and it’s definitely not perfect, but I still loved the outcome and was SO pleased that I was able to “use the good stuff” and finally allow the materials to become a functional bag. So, so rewarding!


It’s beautiful!

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It’s wonderful, and absolutely perfect for me! It’s so beautifully made, and ideal for expeditions too - sturdy and compact, with pockets and room for what I need. :smile: thank you again @endymion, I love it!

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Thanks, @madebyBeaG! I’m so glad you like it, @jemimah. It was so fun to do, and I enjoy thinking about it going on overseas adventures!

This is such a a cute bag. I love the starry night fabric on the inside. :purple_heart:


Your mix of fabrics and special details really made for a unique bag. Sewing really did allow for your creativity…the zipper placement, the lining…just love the things you did…

I am sure that @jemimah appreciates this beautiful and functional bag!


I love this!! It’s the perfect size. What a great concept of a traveling art bag! Crocheting around the zipper pulls was a nice touch.


Absolutely stunning! I love the focal fabric and description of your process. That crocheted pull cover is the perfect finish.


Thanks, @AIMR, @Abbeeroad, and @Tapestry.


I love this! And the zipper pull looks amazing. I adore the samples on the front. They work well together.
And RIP Hancocks, we miss you!


This is so dang cute and cool!


This came out so cool! Really well done.


Beautiful! A cute sturdy bag is a great addition to every adventure! I’m a big fan of this zipper pull idea as well.


Thanks so much!

Beautiful! :heart_eyes:

The fabric used on the inside of your bag looks like Van Gogh’s sky.

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Thanks; that’s exactly what it is!

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