Update: Our Face Masks

Marc (@CraftyJedi) and I finished our first usable Covid-19 Face Mask!
We used @Magpie’s great tutorial, in pattern size M.
We are both happy about the design and it fits both of us.
Marc has taken it upon him to make more of them in the coming days.
(Unfortunately I’m still too exhausted from having been ill.)

For our fabric we decided upon cotton handkerchiefs that I had in stock.

We enforced the seams and the tunnels with iron-on interfacing and we used thin pipe cleaners for our nose wires.
After testing we decided for now to use simple elastic around the ears.
Because of the fabric tunnels, we will be able to change them to jersey bias ties later on, if needed.
These are the pattern pieces.
Please notice that I am used to pattern pieces that do not include seam allowances. I trace around the pattern with a pen and cut on seam allowances.
And these are the extra pattern pieces that I made for the iron on interfacing.
These do include seam allowances.
We’ve gone for reinforcing the tunnels and the seams, but not using the interfacing all over, as to be able to breathe better.
We hope you like it!

Updated May 5:
Marc made 14 more face masks!
For ourselves, friends and family.


Including three Star Wars ones!



Didn’t he do an amazing job?


Excellent masks that work for you!

I very much appreciate the feedback and tips as well…my next batch will be made using that pattern…so much less sewing!


Great job! I am happy the pattern worked out for you. Thank you very much for the feedback.
I have made even further adjustments to the pattern and process to make it easier and faster, in fact I am surprised as just how quickly I can put one together now. I’ll update the topic when I get some more photos.

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Wow!! Those look fantastic…so professional.

I tried making a few…they came out a bit wonky…they’re usable if necessary, but, I’d rather not be seen in them :rofl:

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We’re looking forward to your update, because it still is a lot of fiddly work (at least for perfectionists like us, LOL).

I must admit, I’m quite proud of myself. All thanks to my DW @madebyBeaG teaching me all these amazing sewing skills. CJ

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Awesome! I love the modification of the interfacing! Genius!

I think Vader is rather fitting for a mask. :laughing:

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Terrific new masks! Did you use the new pattern or the first one? They look like they fit wonderfully.

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Saw the update! Marc is a mask making machine! They look really well fitted…and the Vadar fabric makes it less intimidating…

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Marc used your first pattern and tutorial.

Glad it’s been useful. I hope you will try the second tutorial as it addresses the fiddly side bit you said you didn’t like. I think it is easier to assemble and has a slightly more comfortable fit around the eyes with a higher nose bridge. Everybody has a different face though, no one mask is going to be perfect for everybody. Did you see @Mountains_and_Clouds mask for man with big beard? LOL!

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Thanks for improving the tutorial, @Magpie!
I don’t think Marc is going to make any more, but you never know.
We did run out of handkerchiefs and Star Wars fabric though.

I wear glasses, so I prefer a lower nose bridge.
And a tight fit around the nose, so my glasses don’t get fogged up.