Urban Garden Patio

I live in Portland and rent a little duplex with a small yard. Embarrassingly I have lived here for over 10 years and up until last spring I never really did anything with it. It’s taken over a year to get it to where it is today. I learned a lot and killed a lot of different plant varieties. It’s not perfect - I have lots of weeds - but I keep up on it and get lots of birds, butterflies and squirrels.

I have a couple photos of my patio from last year, but I was mostly focused on the metal table and chairs I got for free from a friend.

I bought some bright teal spray paint and some inexpensive cushions (but good!) from Amazon.

I have been making planters with bricks and bits of wood that were laying around in my yard.

The bird bath I inherited with the duplex and I started the ivy around in several years ago. The ivy can go crazy so I’m constantly cutting it back.

I have to admit it has been stormy off and on today so I had to time my photos accordingly. We have had some awesome weather lately so it’s been nice to have a cheerful space to shelter in place. I also have my friends dog at home with me today which has been lovely.


You have created a nice cozy spot! All of the flowers are lovely…and using what you found makes it ecologically great as well! Enjoy the nice days outside in your newly created haven!


Looks lovely, the ivy around the bird bath is sweet.

We too have been in our house for over 10 years and have been slow to get our yard sorted. I feel you!

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What a peaceful, serene little retreat. I bet it’s mini heaven.

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What a pretty space!

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it’s so cosy and pretty!

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That looks absolutely beautiful. Welcoming and charming, I love the brick lined bed, that’s a great idea.

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It is so inviting! I am in Portland too. Love all the splashes of color.

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Oh that’s neat! I live in Garden Home (near Multnomah Village). It is cold and rainy right now, but supposed to be 84° on Saturday!

I’m in NE. I know! It was cold this morning! I can’t believe it is going to be 84 this weekend.

We couldn’t be further away from each other and still live in Portland. :grinning:

At least traffic has been amazing.

How cute and cozy!!!

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I love this little space! Great combination of curated planters and inviting in wildness.

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