US Use What You Have Swap - Gallery


And here’s our gallery to post all of the lovely packages!

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I get to start off the gallery with an awesome package from @tendstowardschaos! She made the coolest Zelda inspired pack for my son. It’s got four zippered compartments, an adjustable strap, and even came with its own rupees in the front pouch!

My son bikes around the neighborhood a lot and this will be his new go-to bag for carrying his phone and a waterbottle. He adores it!

As if that wasn’t enough, she also crocheted a lovely bath scrubby for me! I can’t wait to try it out. I love the body poufs for making lots of suds, but hate that I have to replace them every six months or so and the plastics they add to landfills. This eco friendly version can be washed and will look cute in the shower!

Thank you, Erin!


You’re welcome! I’m glad you guys liked everything!


OH DEAR! What a great package to start the gallery. That bag is sooooo amazing. What a useful bag for your son! I adore the multicolored zippers. :slight_smile: And that stenciling on the bag looks so cool.


I managed every bit of it from stash (except the pattern), but that meant that none of my zippers were the same color. IIRC the maps in the old Zelda games were done in mostly earth tones, so I did my best to keep everything in shades of green and brown.

My DS1 wants one now, too, lol.


That bag is awesome! I wouldn’t even have noticed the different zippers if you hadn’t mentioned it.

I never would have thought of a crochet scrubbie. Genius!!

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Thanks! I’ve made a couple for my DH, and he likes them.

I love the different colored zippers and the bag colors are perfect for my son. I don’t blame your son for wanting a bag of his own! This one is just so cool.


The different zippers are my favorite part! They’re all complementary and definitely look intentional. Use what you have at its finest!

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Love it!! So well made and love the different zippers!

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I received the most amazing package from @Tapestry! I love everything. Everything. Thank you so much, Jenn!

Without further ado, here is the awesomeness:

Bees! :heart::honeybee:Bees five ways.

A beautiful forest scene that is just supernaturally serene. I need to get this framed and on my gallery wall ASAP.

The most adorable tiny raven, Orville, who is already roosting on my bookshelf.

Also going on my gallery wall, because I had the perfect hoop on hand, is this embroidered rendition of the Enterprise from Star Trek TOS.

As if that weren’t enough crafty goodness, there was also a beautiful and sparkly ribbon bookmark, crackle beads, and some ephemera that will be perfect for my X-Files-themed junk journal!

Thank you for such a a thoughtful and amazing package, Jenn. You are so very talented.


I’m so glad you like everything and that the package arrived safe. I had so much fun crafting for you!


What a great exchange from two awesome swappers to set the tone for the gallery!


Got an amazing box of items from @Bunny1kenobi today!
Preview of everything:

And now the individual closeups!
Notecards with clever octopi and a cute octopus charm-

Not 1, but 2 fantastic needlework snarks :heart_eyes:

A cute fox magnet and cross-stitched bookmark

A pretty laminated photo of pansies, a magnetic notepad with a Discworld quote on altered paper

AND a handmade book!

I love everything so much! Thanks a bunch for all your meticulously made art!!


What an awesome box of goodies, @Bunny1kenobi! I adore the handmade book, the snarky quotes, and that to-do pad made me smile.


I love the snarky cross stitch! Great package, all around!

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Thanks, guys! @jeanneleigh I’m glad you liked it!!


Two more amazing packages!

@tapestry Your artwork is fabulous!!! I’m in love with those bees! And the little raven. Gah! Too cute!

@Bunny1kenobi Great package! It must have been so difficult stitching on the black aida for the cross stitch. It’s sooo cool though. Totally worth it. Is that your own pansy photo? It’s very pretty.

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Everything is so great so far!! I love everything.

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Alright everyone, behold the greatness that is the goodies I got from @kittykill
I apologize in advance for the shadows in the photos, I took a million photos and the lighting in my craftroom is such that it isn’t forgiving of my tall self trying to take good photos

Some adorable potholders and this cute handkerchief

Lots of fun stickers and goodies

And my personal favorite are a set of 3 embroidery projects with kitties on them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

They already have a place on my wall in my craftroom :cat:

Thank you so much @kittykill, these are so amazing :heart: