Use it or lose it! A sharing and caring gift-along

@Camelama I will take people pamphlet, floss, napkins and crewel kits off your hands and the needlepoint (I think it is needlepoint) Also, the anchor cotton (I have a collection of old floss boxes)


Woo! I will message you after work to confirm which bits (busy brain = misreading! LOL).


@TheMistressT sent me some corduroy!

& I’ve already patched my quilt!

Thank you so much! :smiley:


I am happy to take the yarn still!


Excellent! PM me your address and I’ll put together a package for you. Do you prefer to be surprised or would you rather I take pics and you choose from the offerings?


Please message me with your address if you would like any items on my list below!

I haven’t been around for awhile, so am quite late to this party, but have spent the last few days reading through this thread. So much fun and awesomeness being shared!

We are in the middle of renovating our kitchen so I am not able to properly check, but I think I have a few things that I see people have asked for. And more than a few things I want to ask for too. :wink:

1 - For now, I know I have a box of ribbon that I got way too carried away thinking I was going to make baby taggy things, so if anyone needs 10mm (3/8") satin or grosgrain ribbon with a particular colour or pattern I may be able to assist.

2 - (mostly) vintage patterns from my grandmother’s stash. She was very careful with her patterns and usually traced the size she wanted onto separate paper, if it was multi-size. I haven’t checked them, but they should all be complete. These aren’t in sets, so choose any you like.

3 - lots of cross stitch patterns, mostly from a periodical I was getting. Too many to individually post, but there are samplers, flowers (big patterns and motifs), fonts, various other motifs and patterns, cartoony characters, a wizard image, at least one large landscape piece and some teddy bears. As an example, here’s a few patterns.

And for anyone who wants to stitch something up but doesn’t want to do the counting, here’s a printed apple motif. I used to have the pic of what it looks like made up, but not sure where that’s gone…

4 - I got a massive tub of mostly floral fabric scraps and some larger pieces from my grandmother’s stash. I am sure I won’t NEED it all, so if anyone needs florals, big or small, pink, blue, purple, peach and more for THAT project then let me know. I’ll see what I can find.

5 - Miscellaneous novelty fabrics (not sure about the first one)


I resemble this! I pick up a new craft and have to have all the things for all the ideas! Then I make one item with 1 idea UGH


Thanks so much @megwell for the magazine fruit images. Sent in this gorgeous gel printed card. You are a :peach:!


You’re welcome! Glad I could help. The card is by @geekgirl; I think I forgot to put that in the note.


Thanks @geekgirl !


Can I interest anyone, or more ‘anyones’ to take stuff from my list?
I’m really eager to send more of it off to good homes.


I updated my post above with some paper sewing patterns (mostly vintage).

@Magpie - can I please get a clicky link when you are next on your pc?

@PrincessP - are you interested in the bags patterns?




@madebyBeaG - there are a couple more things I would like, but I feel weird about the shipping costs to me. Those chapstick holders are awesome and I would love a couple more to give as stocking stuffers and I love those postcards!

I have another request for y’all - I am working on 2 pairs of mittens and want to finish them with ribbon like this:

I am looking for approximately 1/2 inch ribbon in a solid purple eggplant color and a solid dark teal color. I would prefer a more matte type finish as opposed to satin, but I don’t mind if the ribbon has some texture. I only need about 12 inches of each color. I want some extra in case I mess up the embroidery part, so 12” is plenty.

I live in Oregon, USA. Thanks you guys. Here are the mittens so far:


I would really love the two tennis outfit patterns please, if you’re happy to split them up?


@susieoregon I have 10mm (approx 3/8") grosgrain ribbons so have that ribbed texture and aren’t shiny. I can look at my colours tomorrow and PM you. How quickly do you need it since I am in Australia and postage will probably take a while.

@PrincessP am happy to send you those two, the patterns aren’t in sets. I will edit my post so it’s clear it’s a free for all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Magpie thankyou!


That would be amazing, thank you!


I sent you a message.


@mellybelly81 - I don’t need them for several months. If you have some and don’t mind the postage costs, that would be great.

@madebyBeaG - :heart:


I’d love the Disney postcards, if they’re still available.