Use the Best - Flamingo ATC

This year, thanks to a number of co-conspirators in the art journaling gang, I signed up to get stickers every month. In order to keep them handy to use them, I ordered a plain notebook to organize them.

I plan on doing something more elaborate to decorate the cover, but for now, I just wanted to pretty it up. That is when I found a favorite ATC that @edel had made for me pinned to my bulletin board.

I attached some glitter picture corners to the notebook and inserted the ATC. When I am inspired enough to do something else, I can just remove everything easily. For now, it works, and I have a notebook that will be functional and nice to look at!

Credit to @edel for this beauty!


That is an excellent idea and a great way to display ATC’s, And credit too to Phizzychick, those are some of her hearts on the front.

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You know, I thought I recognized them!!! I have her heartwork in my room as well!

I actually ordered another notebook just for ATC’s and when it arrives, I will probably use it to change out the cover ATC! It makes more sense…I want to do something with the stickers for the stickers notebook…

Thanks for being part of my project! :wink:

The hearts are so great!

Feelin’ the Flamingo Love! That is great. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one pictured with eggs before. They lay them in a mud mound? Super interesting! I will have to look that up.